Why Microsoft Certification?

For performing critical IT functions successfully one must have any of the specialized IT credentials on his resume. In this regard, Microsoft certification is one of the best credentials which help to reach your career objectives and it is also internationally well acknowledged by most of the industry professionals. A professional having a Microsoft certification is called Microsoft Certified Professional. To achieve any of the Microsoft certifications and becoming an MCP the candidate has to pass the certification exam from Microsoft. The Microsoft certification exam reveals the way Microsoft products are being used in any organization.

In today’s exigent IT world, an IT professional has to face challenges in his field and in addition, he must keep himself way ahead of others by constantly improving and developing his understanding and skills. A Microsoft certification helps IT professional to get exposure and recognized in his own field. Moreover, it enables an IT professional to work more efficiently and effectively. Microsoft certification entitles several jobs and responsibilities at the workplace. Apart from increasing skills set, Microsoft certification has many more advantages as well. This certification provides recognition of proficiency, expertise, and knowledge in the industry.

By getting MCP one can gain offers and discounts on Microsoft products and services. It also brings in requests to special events, conferences and training sessions. Thus, a Microsoft certification proves technical dominance over other professionals as well as gives a talent to successfully execute the different business solutions from Microsoft for any organization.

How to Become Microsoft Certified?

Obtaining Microsoft certification is a guaranteed way to progress and boost up your career. Microsoft certified professionals are amongst the highest paid IT professionals throughout the globe. But getting Microsoft Certified is a challenging task. Elearningexams.com is a top leading website which is well-known among IT professionals in serving out them to get Certified Professionals easily. Elearningexams.com has an extensive and reliable study material to promise your success in Microsoft certification exams. Our Microsoft exams dumps are obtainable in PDF file and Online Exam Engine formats on various platforms and devices. Microsoft PDF dumps are consisting of latest Microsoft exam questions verified by professional experts. Your thorough preparation and incessant practice of our study material is a guaranteed approach toward Microsoft Certification.

MB6-895 Study Material | You are implementing Microsoft

Question: 1

You are implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 fir Finance and Operations. You need to determine which accounts for automatic transactions are needed for the legal entity.

A. Define reason codes for each transaction.
B. Define allocation rules for each transaction.
C. Create default types.
D. Determine the fiscal year periods.

Answer: C

MB6-897 Exam Dumps | You need to ensure that items

Question: 2

You need to ensure that items specify a new delivery mode when items aresold. To which two objects can you assign the delivery mode? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. customers
B. vendors
C. channels
D. products

Answer: C,D

70-698 Dumps PDF | You purchase licenses for

Question: 2

You purchase licenses for several apps from the Windows Store and you list the apps in your Windows Store for Business. You need to tell users how to install the apps. What should you instruct the users to use?

A. a web browser and a Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account
B. a web browser and a Microsoft account
C. the Windows Store app and a Microsoft account
D. the Windows Store app and a Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account

Answer: D

70-768 Question Answers | You need to create a script

Question: 1

You need to create a script to verify the activation status on 100 computers. What should you use in the script?

A. the slmgr.vbs script and the /dli parameter
B. the sfc.exe command and the /scannow parameter
C. the slmgr.vbs script and the /ipk parameter
D. the sfc.exe command and the /verifyonly parameter

Answer: A

70-765 Exam Questions Dumps | You administer a Windows

Question: 1

You administer a Windows 2008 server hosting an instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition. The server hosts a database named Orders. Users report that a query that filters on OrderDate is taking an exceptionally long time. You discover that an index named IX_OrderDate on the CustomerOrder table is heavily fragmenteD. You need to improve the performance of the IX_OrderDate index. The index should remain online during the operation. Which Transact-SQL command should you use?


Answer: C

MB6-896 Dumps | You are setting up product

Question: 1

You are setting up product attributes and attribute types. You need to create a new product attribute type to track if a product has a warranty or not. Which type should you assign to it?

A. Enumeration
B. Text
C. Boolean
D. Reference

Answer: A

MB6-897 Exam Dumps | You start using the order holds

Question: 1

You start using the order holds feature for your store. Which two valuescan you set against a hold code? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Remove inventory reservation
B. Default for sales order
C. Worker
D. Customer group

Answer: A,B

70-535 Exam Dumps | You need to design

Question: 2

You need to design the system that alerts project managers to data changes in the contractor information app. Which service should you use?

A. Azure Mobile Service
B. Azure Service Bus Message Queueing
C. Azure Queue Messaging
D. Azure Notification Hub

Answer: C

70-764 Test Dumps | You manage a Microsoft SQL

Question: 1

You manage a Microsoft SQL Server environment. You implement Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). A user will assist in managing TDE. You need to ensure that the user can view the TDE metadata while following the principle of lease privilege. Which permission should you grant?

A. DDLAdmin
B. db_datawriter
C. dbcreator
D. dbo
E. View Database State
F. View Server State
G. View Definition
H. sysadmin

Answer: G

MB6-894 Practice Test | In a product meeting with a new client

Question: 1

In a product meeting with a new client, you are asked to describe the key components of the Commerce Runtime (CRT) for retail development. What are two of these key components? Each correct answer presents a completesolution.

A. Data Access
B. Retail Scheduler
C. Master Data

Answer: A,D

70-698 Dumps PDF | A user has a computer that runs Windows 10…

Question: 1

A user has a computer that runs Windows 10.
The user reports that it takes a very long time to start the computer.
You need to identify which user applications cause the greatest delays when starting the computer.
Which tool should you use?

A. Performance Monitor
B. System Configuration
C. Resource Monitor
D. Task Manager

Answer: D

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