62-193 | You are a teacher at a secondary school…

Following is 62-193 | You are a teacher at a secondary school… from latest Microsoft practice test.

Question: 5

You are a teacher at a secondary school. You work closely with the school administration.
A group of parents questions the large sum of money that the school invests in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources.
You are requested to prepare a response on behalf of the school.
On which argument will you base your response?

A. Modern economies increasingly require a workforce that has good typing skills, so the school must try to incorporate computers into all its activities.
B. Modern economies are increasingly based on knowledge and information, so students must learn the skills required to handle information.
C. The business sector in modern economies increasingly expects schools to produce students who are qualified in financial knowledge.
D. Modern economies increasingly depend on the growth of the computer manufacturing industry, an economic sector that schools must support.

Answer: B