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Question: 3

A company uses Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) to manage 1,000 virtual machines (VMs) in Azure. The security officer reports that VMs often are not updated. You recommend to the company that they implement the OMS Update Management solution. You need to describe the OMS Update Management solution to the company. Which functionality does the OMS Update Management solution provide?

A. assessment of missing Windows and Linux updates on the VMs
B. assessment of antimalware on the VMs
C. assessment of Windows and Linux upgrades on the VMs
D. alerts regarding VM issues

Answer: A

70-535 Exam Dumps | You need to design

Question: 2

You need to design the system that alerts project managers to data changes in the contractor information app. Which service should you use?

A. Azure Mobile Service
B. Azure Service Bus Message Queueing
C. Azure Queue Messaging
D. Azure Notification Hub

Answer: C

70-535 Exam Dumps | You need to recommend a test strategy…

Question: 1

You need to recommend a test strategy for the disaster recovery system.
What should you do? To answer, drag the appropriate test strategy to the correct business application. Each test strategy may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.

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  • Distribution tracking
    The company wants to ensure that the distribution tracking data is stored at a location that is geographically close to the customers who will be using the information.
  • / HRApp
    The data must remain on-premises and cannot be stored in the cloud.
  • / Metrics application
    Data is stored on an on-premises SQL Server database, but this data should be moved to the cloud.

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