74-697 | You plan to capture a Windows 8 reference…

Following is 74-697 | You plan to capture a Windows 8 reference… from latest Microsoft practice test.

Question: 3

You plan to capture a Windows 8 reference installation. The reference installation contains several third-party drivers for USB devices.
You need to ensure that the third-party device drivers are preserved in the captured Windows image.
Which component should you configure in the answer file?

A. Microsoft-Windows-PnpCustomizationsNonWinPE
B. Microsoft-Windows-Setup
C. Microsoft-Windows-Deployment
D. Microsoft-Windows-PnpSysprep

Answer: A


The Microsoft-Windows-PnpCustomizationsNonWinPE component is used to add one or more out-of-box drivers to a Windows installation. Drivers that are located in the path specified by DriverPaths are copied to the driver store of the Windows installation during the auditSystem configuration pass. When the system runs Plug and Play, these out-of-box drivers are available to install hardware on the computer.


Not D: The Microsoft-Windows-PnpSysprep component specifies whether all Plug and Play information persists during the generalize pass. Typically, during the generalize pass, all device information is removed from the computer.
If the device information is removed during the generalize pass, the next time the computer runs Plug and Play, the devices will be re-initialized. Typically, the next time the computer boots, the specialize pass runs, and Plug and Play runs.