98-368 Question 5

Your company is deploying a new application on employee’s personal Windows RT
devices. The devices are registered with Microsoft Intune.
You need to publish the new application to Microsoft Intune cloud storage so that the
employees can install the published application.
What are requirements of the published installation files?
A. In order to publish the files, Internet speed must be at least 50 kbps
B. The cumulative total file size for the published applications must be smaller than 2 GB
C. In order to upload the software, the files must be a .zip format
D. As many files as necessary may be uploaded, but no single file may be larger than 2 GB
Answer: D
Explanation: Before you publish computer apps to Microsoft Intune cloud storage make
sure no single file size is larger than 2 GB.
Reference: Deploy apps to computers in Microsoft Intune

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