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Question: 1

You need to meet the identity and access requirements for Group1. What should you do?
A. Add a membership rule to Group1.
B. Delete Group1. Create a new group named Group1 that has a membership type of Office 365. Add users and devices to the group.
C. Modify the membership rule of Group1.
D. Change the membership type of Group1 to Assigned. Create two groups that have dynamic memberships. Add the new groups to Group1.

Answer: B

Question: 2

You need to ensure that users can access VM0. The solution must meet the platform protection requirements. What should you do?
A. Move VM0 to Subnet1.
B. On Firewall, configure a network traffic filtering rule.
C. Assign RT1 to AzureFirewallSubnet.
D. On Firewall, configure a DNAT rule.

Answer: A

Question: 3

You need to ensure that you can meet the security operations requirements. What should you do first?
A. Turn on Auto Provisioning in Security Center.
B. Integrate Security Center and Microsoft Cloud App Security.
C. Upgrade the pricing tier of Security Center to Standard.
D. Modify the Security Center workspace configuration.

Answer: C

Question: 4

You need to configure WebApp1 to meet the data and application requirements. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
A. Upload a public certificate.
B. Turn on the HTTPS Only protocol setting.
C. Set the Minimum TLS Version protocol setting to 1.2.
D. Change the pricing tier of the App Service plan.
E. Turn on the Incoming client certificates protocol setting.

Answer: A,C

Question: 8

You need to ensure that User2 can implement PIM. What should you do first?
A. Assign User2 the Global administrator role.
B. Configure authentication methods for
C. Configure the identity secure score for
D. Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for User2.

Answer: A

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