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Question: 1

You need to configure the initial login request in the access token JavaScript script. Which code segment should you insert at line 01?
A. const scopes = [''];
B. const accessTokenRequest = { };
C. const scopes = ['', ''];
D. const accessTokenRequest = { scopes: ['', ''] };
Answer: D


You need to complete the MSAL.js code for SSO. Which code segment should you insert at line 06?
A. storeAuthStateInCookie: false
B. storeAuthStateInCookie: true
C. cacheLocation: ‘localStorage’
D. cacheLocation: ‘sessionStorage’

Answer: C


How can you validate that the JSON notification message is sent from the Microsoft Graph service?
A. The ClientState must match the value provided when subscribing.
B. The user_guid must map to a user ID in the Azure AD tenant of the customer.
C. The tenant ID must match the tenant ID of the customer’s Office 365 tenant.
D. The subscription ID must match the Azure subscription used by A Datum.

Answer: A


Which type of authentication flow should you recommend for the planned integration with Office 365?
A. device code
B. implicit grant
C. authorization code
D. client credentials

Answer: C


You need to develop a server-based web app that will be registered with the Microsoft identity platform. The solution must ensure that the app can perform operations on behalf of the user? Which type of authorization flow should you use?
A. authorization code
B. refresh token
C. resource owner password
D. device code

Answer: A

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