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70-464 Exam

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Developing Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Skills measured in this exam are

Implement database objects (30-35%)
Implement programming objects (20-25%)
Design database objects (20-25%)
Optimize and troubleshoot queries (20-25%)

Why Should Take this exam????

This exam is intended for database professionals who build and implement databases across organizations and who ensure high levels of data availability. Their responsibilities include creating database files, data types, and tables; planning, creating, and optimizing indexes; ensuring data integrity; implementing views, stored procedures, and functions; and managing transactions and locks. Register for Exam at Developing Microsoft SQL Server Databases 
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You need to modify the function in CountryFromID.sql to ensure that the country name is returned instead of the country ID.Which line of code should you modify in CountryFromID.sql?

A. 04
B. 05
C. 06
D. 19

Answer : D

You attempt to process an invoice by using usp_InsertInvoice.sql and you receive the following error message: “Msg 515, Level 16, State 2, Procedure usp_InsertInvoice, Line 10 Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘InvoiceDate’, table ‘DB1.Accounting.Invoices’; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.”You need to modify usp_InsertInvoice.sql to resolve the error.How should you modify the INSERT statement?

A. InvoiceDate varchar(l00) ‘InvoiceDate’,
B. InvoiceDate varchar(100) ‘Customer/InvoiceDate’, ‘
C. InvoiceDate date ‘@InvoiceDate’,
D. InvoiceDate date ‘Customer/@InvoiceDate’,

Answer : C

You have a table named Table1 that stores customer data. Each customer has a credit limit that can only be discovered by querying multiple tables. You need to ensure that the value of the credit limit is returned by executing a query on Table1.What should you create?

A. A trigger that uses a ranking function
B. A trigger that uses a table-valued function
C. A calculated column that uses a table-valued function
D. A calculated column that uses a scalar function

Answer : C

Your network contains a server named SQL1 that has SQL Server 2012 installed. SQL1 contains a database name DB1 and a table named Customers. You add an additional server named SQL2 that runs SQL Server 2012. You need to create a distributed partitioned view. The solution must minimize the amount of network traffic. What should you do? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)

A. Add SQL2 as a Distributor.
B. Add the Customers table to SQL2.
C. Add SQL2 as a linked server.
D. Create the view on SQL1.
E. Remove the Customers table from SQL1.
F. Create the view on SQL2.

Answer: BCDF

You need to ensure that a new execution plan is used by usp_GetOrdersByProduct eachtime the stored procedure runs.What should you do?

A.Add WITH (FORCESEEK) to line 07 in usp_GetOrdersByProduct.
B.Execute sp_recompile ‘usp_GetOrdersByProduct’.
C.Execute sp_help ‘usp_GetOrdersByProduct’.
D.Add WITH RECOMPILE to line 03 in usp_GetOrdersByProduct.

Answer : D

You have an application that uses a view to access data from multiple tables. You need to ensure that you can insert rows into the underlying tables by using the view.What should you do?

A. Create an INSTEAD OF trigger on the view.
B. Define the view by using the SCHEMABINDING option.
C. Define the view by using the CHECK option.
D. Materialize the view.

Answer : C

You have a database for a mission-critical web application. The database is stored on a SQL Server 2012 instance and is the only database on the instance.The application generates all T-SQL statements dynamically and does not use stored procedures. You need to maximize the amount of memory available
for data caching. Which advanced server option should you modify?

A. Optimize for Ad hoc Workloads
B. Enable Contained Databases
C. Allow Triggers to Fire Others
D. Scan for Startup Procs

Answer : A

You have a database named database1. Database developers report that there are many deadlocks.You need to implement a solution to monitor the deadlocks.The solution must meet the following requirements:
– Support real-time monitoring.
– Be enabled and disabled easily.
– Support querying of the monitored data.
What should you implement? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal.

A. Log errors by using trace flag 1222
B. Log errors by using trace flag 1204
C. A SQL Server Profiler template
D. An Extended Events session

Answer : D

Your company has a SQL Azure subscription. You implement a database named Database1.Database1 has two tables named Table1 and Table2. You create a stored procedure named sp1. Sp1 reads data from Table1 and inserts data into Table2. A user named User1 informs you that he is unable to run sp1. You verify that User1 has the SELECT permission on Table1 and Table2. You need to ensure that User1 can run sp1. The solution must minimize the number of permissions assigned to User1.What should you do?

A. Changesp1torunasthesaUser.
B. GrantUser1theEXECUTEpermissiononsp1.
C. AddUser1to the db_datawriter role.
D. Grant User1 the INSERT permission on Table2.

Answer : B

You use SQL Azure to store data used by an e-commerce application. You develop a stored procedure named sp1. Sp1 is used to read and change the price of all the products sold on the e-commerce site. You need to ensure that other transactions are blocked from updating product data while sp1 is executing.Which transaction isolation level should you use in sp1?

A. Repeatable read
B. Read committed
C. Serializable
D. Snapshot

Answer : C

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