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98-366 Dumps

An MTA-IT Infrastructure Certification is a must if you are looking for a career in IT Field. MTA-IT Infrastructure Certifications offer a wide range of certification exams to discourse basic technological scenarios, evaluate and confirm technical knowledge and enhance your technical value.

98-366 Networking Fundamentals is one of such exams that can guarantee your successful career in any networking field of IT. All the fundamental tools and concepts of networking are covered in this exam.

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Following are the basic topics including in the 98-366 course: 

1: Understanding network infrastructures (30–35%)
2: Understanding network hardware (20–25%)
3: Understanding protocols and services (45-50%)

 Microsoft 98-366 Candidates are recommended to have some hands-on experience with Windows Server, Windows-based networking, network management tools, DNS, TCP/IP, names resolution process and network protocols and typologies.

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One reason to replace an unmanaged switch with a managed switch is to:
A. Manage the routing tables.
B. Support multiple VLANS.
C. Reduce collision domains.
D. Route between networks,
Answer: B

Which DNS record type specifies the host that is the authority for a given domain?
Answer: B

Which type of network covers the broadest area?
Answer: A

Which command is used to verify that a server is connected to the network?
Answer: C

You need to divide a network into three subnets.
Which device should you use?
A. Hub
B. Bridge
C. Router
D. Segmenter
Answer: C

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