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98-369 Latest Dumps

If you are looking for a prosperous career in IT An MTA-IT Infrastructure Certification should be your first choice. 98-369 Cloud Fundamentals Exam is one of the exams MTA IT offers to discover all fundamental technology know-how and certify plus boost it.

The main focus of the 98-369 Certification Exam is to measure skills and knowledge to validate your use of Microsoft Cloud Services. The exam can prove to be a medium to move to higher MCSA Certifications.

All the 98-369 candidates must have at least a little bit of practical experience in using Office 365, Microsoft Intune, firewalls, network topologies and devices, and network ports.

And here are the main topics expected to take part in your 98-369 certification exam:
1: Understand the cloud (20–25%)
2: Enable Microsoft cloud services (20–25%)
3: Administer Office 365 and Microsoft Intune (15–20%)
4: Use and configure Microsoft cloud services (20–25%)
5: Support cloud users (15–20%)
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What is the minimum version of Internet Explorer needed to ensure that Microsoft Office
365 web-based applications have full functionality?
A. Internet Explorer 8
B. Internet Explorer 9
C. Internet Explorer 10
D. Internet Explorer 11
Answer: C
Office 365 is designed to work with the current or immediately previous version of Internet Explorer. Office 365 does not offer code fixes to resolve problems you encounter when using the service with Internet Explorer 9. You should expect the quality of the user experience to diminish over time, and that many new Office 365 experiences might not work at all.
Reference: Office 365 system requirements

A local company hires you to manage its Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Your
responsibility is to monitor any Service Incidents that Microsoft reports.
What are two examples of Microsoft Office 365 Service Incidents? Choose two.
A. unplanned downtime of the Online Exchange service
B. post-incident reviews
C. planned downtime maintenance events
D. a resent change to the Microsoft Online Service Level Agreement
Answer: A,C
Explanation: There are two types of service incidents:
* Planned downtime (maintenance events)
* Unplanned downtime Unplanned events occur when one or more of the services included
in the Office 365 suite are unavailable or unresponsive.
Reference: Service Continuity

You are an intern for a company that has all of its hardware and software on-site. Due to a
severe storm, the company did not have power for several days, and important data was
How should this problem best have been avoided?
A. by providing greater storage capacity
B. by distributing component services across multiple systems
C. by providing physical and data redundancy
D. by allowing for more scalability
Answer: B

A small law firm wants to implement Microsoft Office 365 and requires the ability to conduct
In-Place eDiscovery.
Which two Office 365 Business Plans meet these requirements? Choose two.
A. Office 365 Business Premium
B. Office 365 Enterprise E1
C. Office 365 Enterprise E3
D. Office 365 Enterprise E4
Answer: C,D
Explanation: Office 365 Enterprise E3 include eDiscovery Center tools to support compliance.
Office 365 Business Premium and Office 365 Enterprise E1 do not include eDiscovery
Center tools to support compliance.
Reference: https://products.office.com/en-us/business/compare-more-office-365-forbusiness-plans

Which three items are required in order to create a new user in Microsoft Intune? Choose three.
A. last name
B. user role
C. user name
D. display name
E. user location
Answer: C,D

CD: For each user you must include the user name (like bob@contoso.com)
and a display name (like Bob Kelly).
E: To manually add individual user accounts
In the Microsoft Intune account portal, click Users > New.
Click User to start the New users wizard.
The new user account now appears in the Users node of the account portal. When the
user signs-in for the first time, the user must specify a new password for the account.
Reference: Set up Microsoft Intune

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