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MB-210 Questions Answers

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MB-210 Practice Test:


You work for a company using Dynamics 365 for Sales. When customers call the company, they must provide their quote number. Customers report thatquote numbers are too long. You need to shorten quote numbers to the minimum possible length. What should you do?
A. Change the field type from auto number to decimal number
B. Reduce the auto number prefix to one character
C. Reduce the suffix length to four characters
D. Ensure that the prefix setting is read-only

Answer: B

Question: 2
You are a Dynamics 365 administrator. A sales manager changes the target goal for a salesperson from $26,000.00 to $20,000.00. However,
the currency symbol changes from $ to £. Other managers are not experiencing this issue. You need to fix the currency symbol for the sales manager.
What should you change?
A. the default currency in personal options
B. the currencies in settings
C. the currency display option in system settings
D. the current format in personal options

Answer: A


You are Dynamics 365 for Sales administrator. Sales representatives must enter estimated revenue only as an exception. You need to ensure that estimated revenue for opportunities is automatically calculated. What should you do?
A. In the System Settings sales tab, change the default revenue type to System Calculated
B. In custom controls, change the default revenue setting to System Calculated
C. In Personalization settings for each user, change the default revenue type to System Calculated
D. In Opportunities, change the default value of the revenue type to System Calculated

Answer: D


An organization uses Dynamics 365 for Sales. You need to create a quote template in Microsoft Word for use in the organization. What should you do?
A.Create a flow
B.Enable dynamic content in Microsoft Word
C.Enable the Developer tab in Microsoft Word
D.Enable VBA in Microsoft Word

Answer: C

A customer recently visited one of your retail outlets. You created an opportunity for the customer for a large purchase.The customer is now ready to complete the purchase. You need to create a quote from the opportunity. Solution: Close the opportunity as won. Does the solution meet the goal?

Answer: B

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