MB2-710 | You are an administrator in the CRM Online…

Question: 6

You are an administrator in the CRM Online Administration Center of Microsoft Office 365 making operational changes to an instance. You need to ensure that regular users do not affect your work, and that your work does not affect regular users. What should you do?

A. remove the users from the instance
B. create a new sandbox
C. enable administration mode
D. copy the instance

Answer: C

MB2-710 | What is an advantage of using the Email…

Question: 5

What is an advantage of using the Email Router for email processing?

A. Can synchronize appointments, contacts, and tasks directly with Microsoft Exchange.
B. Provides error reporting in the application.
C. Can be used with all combinations of online/on-premise hybrid environments.
D. Managed in the web application.

Answer: D

MB2-710 | You receive an email that indicates….

Question: 4

You receive an email that indicates a new update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is available. You are a global administrator for a tenant that contains two Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online instances.
Which statement describes the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online update policy?

A. Updates must be installed twice per year within the customer driven update time period and cannot be skipped.
B. Updates are installed automatically within 30 days from the release date.
C. Updates are installed once it is approved at the tenant level.
D. Updates are installed once it is approved at the instance level.

Answer: D

MB2-710 |Your company has a Microsoft….

Question: 3

Your company has a Microsoft Office 365 environment with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online deployment. You have a complex development and testing environment requiring the following:

  • 2 publishing instances
  • 22 development instances
  • 5 UAT instances
  • 5 production instances
  • 22 testing instances

You need to support a continuous improvement plan in constant use for your testing, development, and production environments. What is the minimum number of tenants required to support this scenario?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 5
D. 22

Answer: A

MB2-710 | How many dashboards can be…


How many dashboards can be configured to be displayed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets?

A. multiple system and multiple user dashboards
B. one system and multiple user dashboards
C. one system and one user dashboard
D. multiple system dashboards only

Answer: A

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