Microsoft Confirms Leaked Windows 10 High-End Edition

Some time back I expounded on the arrival of Windows for Workstations and Microsoft has now affirmed that there will, in fact, be another item under the Workstation marking. It’s a tiny bit odd that the organization is adding yet another Windows release to an officially bustling lineup.

In the event that you don’t think about the different Windows 10 alternatives you’ve as of now got, here’s a rundown:

  • Windows 10 S – Feature-restricted, runs just applications from the Windows Store
  • Windows 10 Home – most clients will have this on their home machines
  • Windows 10 Pro – includes two or three elements, remote desktop server, joining areas
  • Windows 10 Enterprise – greater security control for administrators and additional virtualization
  • Windows 10 Education – same as Enterprise, however needs Cortana
  • Windows 10 Pro Education – tweaked for school setup, packaged by instruction OEMs
  • Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB – Long-term bolster adaptation, 10-year security refreshes
  • What’s more, for “gadgets” there are:
  • Windows 10 Mobile – For telephones or tablets
  • Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise – additional elements for framework administrators
  • Windows 10 IoT – Reduced impression version for low-control gadgets
  • Windows 10 Team – Surface Hub particular version

So Windows 10 Pro for Workstations has a considerable measure of different releases to contend with. All things considered, this version is gone for the top of the line. Possibly scientists or individuals utilizing significantly more equipment assets that Windows 10 was intended to deal with.

Microsoft has affirmed the accompanying elements for the Workstation release:

ReFS – handles substantial hard drives and has some imperative elements for control clients, it’s blame tolerant and utilizations uprightness streams to secure information. It can identify defilement and will supplant it with a sound form from a mirror.

Constant Memory – utilizing NVDIMM-N Windows 10 Pro for Workstations can be killed, however hold data in RAM. This new tech is comparative in operation to Intel’s Optane, in that it’s quick and is non-unpredictable. However Optane isn’t a RAM substitution, NVDIMM-Ns are and work at rapid.

SMB Direct – lessens stack on the CPU while giving inconceivably high systems administration speeds. Low idleness and high throughput are both phenomenal components for those utilizing top of the line workstations to process a vast volume of information from arrange gadgets.

Backings up to four AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon CPUs (up from two in different Windows versions)

Support for 6TB of RAM (up from 2TB of RAM at present)

O essentially Windows 10 Pro for Workstations will engage just a couple of select clients with particular equipment. It’s an energizing shot for home clients to perceive what’s probably going to appear in our home PCs in the coming years, however for most typical clients Workstation isn’t much to stress over. It is however intriguing to perceive how Microsoft is taking “Windows 10 is the last form of Windows” and essentially adding new components to recently named releases.

Microsoft to Reshuffle Sales Teams to Focus on Cloud services, Layoffs Possible

Microsoft Corp. Is on the verge of announcing an internal reorganization to boost sales of cloud computing services that could see several employees dismiss Monday, according to a report.

Bloomberg said on Saturday that the reorganization is fairly typical of Microsoft at this time of year when entering the new fiscal calendar. But it will focus on the business organization of the company, and aims to improve the way it sells its cloud services and software.

The move follows a series of organizational changes made in January affecting Microsoft sales and marketing teams. This reorganization saw several of these teams move under the command of Judston Altoff, Microsoft Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business Group.

Bloomberg said the latest reorganization could see Microsoft announce significant layoffs, but a subsequent report by Jo Jo Foley of ZDNet said the number of jobs to be cut may not be so great. Instead, Microsoft will try to reassign as many of the relevant staff as possible.

Foley added that Altoff has focused on getting Microsoft Azure’s sales teams give priority to selling and other cloud computing services. Most of the sales force of the company is more accustomed to selling software for personal computers and servers but the new Microsoft strategy gives a higher priority to convince customers to buy cloud services hosted in their Centers.

Now Microsoft wants to accelerate this transformation in an effort to catch up with Amazon Web Services Inc., which is currently the leader in public cloud infrastructure. To this end it is said that the company has been working on new ways to sell support services in order to increase their overall spending.

Last month, Microsoft reorganized several silent teams working on their cloud research units, businesses and artificial intelligence. The objective of this measure was to consolidate some of the business units of Cloud Computing Company under a new AI-Cloud Platform, covering Azure Search, Azure Machine Learning, Microsoft Bot Framework, R Server and equipment and Algorithms The science solution of data.

Microsoft gaining on Apple in innovation, study claims

E learning Microsoft

Technically incorrect: A recent study suggests Microsoft work environment is more and more time and innovative approaches that of Apple. One of the least innovative technological environments? Facebook.

Technically incorrect offer slightly twisted vision of a technology that takes over our lives.

Some words act as the most glorious badge of honor.

Claim to be sensitive and intuitive and is automatically raised to a higher stage of being.

Claim to innovate and open house, bow heads and money are thrown at you in large bales.

How the spirit of innovation that is defined, however? It’s like pornography? You just know when you see it?

A company called Good & Co thinks he knows. And it is believed that Microsoft employees are gaining ground in this area for Apple.

A bold statement, one might think. Apple has always claimed to be the height of all innovative and magical things.

Good & Co balks. In a study published last week, it is said that Microsoft employees “are much more innovative than many assume, and on par with technology giants like Apple and Facebook.”

Which is good & Co said that? Well, who claims to be “a platform of self-discovery and network for a new generation of professionals looking for more meaning in your career.”

To translate: having an algorithm that helps you understand who and what you are professional and goes to his perfect job.

In this study, the company says it has reviewed the 4364 data of users of the application. He looked at his psychometric numbers and came up with some drastic statements.

Example: “Do not work for Facebook, if you want to work in a technology company that values creativity.”

Oh, no, Mark Zuckerberg appears to be a first-rate contemporary artist? Not his own being – and your website – project an aura of post-Banksy living art?

Neither Facebook, Apple nor Microsoft responded to a request for comment.

The study measured the creativity and innovation based on personality traits such as intellectual curiosity and boldness.

When Microsoft begins to succeed, according to the authors, it is in the striking positions.

“Microsoft Office creators were almost identical to Apple notes when it comes to adventure employees,” the report said.

Basically, Good & Co said, it was found that Microsoft “has shown that the emphasis on recruiting candidates adventure.”

But the company still has a long way to go.

One of the authors of the study, Dr. Kerry Schofield said: “Microsoft is not as low on innovation as is often said, and shows signs of developing a more innovative culture.”

“Microsoft employees are no less adventurous than Apple employees,” he said. “Overall, our 100 Microsoft zero scale scores of less than 1 point below the Apple adventure.”

The pedant might whisper that Microsoft even finer, therefore, have a small amount of ground to cover.

You, however, may wonder whether all this new adventure was supposed to lead to better products from Microsoft. he may have done.

In the case of a IPerson, however, Good & Co offers a bit of comfort: “Apple employees seem to surpass Microsoft in a number of essential features for success.”

What might be some of those successful traits?

Two of them are “intellectual curiosity” and “attention to detail.”

Things can change, however, as more women become influential.

“Managers and other Apple employees perform better in the [intellectual] Microsoft curiosity,” said Schofield. “A more detailed analysis revealed that this applies in particular to the only male employees. For women, there is a marginal difference.”

If this study is performed again in a few months and the next iPhone is, as some fear, disappointment, Microsoft could suddenly be considered the most innovative technology company all?

The world is becoming fanciful shapes.

Apple and Microsoft are fighting a secret war for the future of technology

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Addresses Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Gradually, the traditional concept of the PC is dying.

Since the introduction of the Apple II and the rise of mass consumption on the PC market, you hear “computer” and believes that “monitor, mouse, keyboard,” with some variation.

But since the first iPhone launched in 2007, there has been a change, first from the PC and to small computers, pocket size with touch screens. And then, as the processing power got cheaper and the Internet became ubiquitous, we got something completely different.

Thank you to the advent of devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Chromecast, Microsoft HoloLens, the Nest thermostat, Facebook and Oculus Rift, which is more appropriate. A computer can be something that you talk to normal speech, or wear on his face. It may be a little more than one screen, or may not have the screen at all.

Now a team can seem literally anything and go anywhere. It is only the beginning.

Microsoft and Apple, two companies synonymous with the PC, this transition presents a kind of crisis point. They spent the last decades to cultivate carefully communities of developers to write software that makes the world buzz. Now, the carpet was not completely removed from under them, but the potential is there.

In this context, the two are long frenemies each preparing their master plans to ensure that each of them are at the head of a large computer change – no matter what device is proving to be the next big thing.


Apple is in a unique position as a highly profitable company that also controls a relatively small market.

Microsoft Windows still controls the majority of the PC market. And Google’s Android is the dominant power in the world of smart phones, and is only growing, especially in the developing world.

Android growth is continuous and sufficient threat as it is – will always drew developers in building software for the widest possible audience. With the future of computing a constantly moving target, Apple must ensure that no matter what, people are always to create applications for the iPhone.

Apple’s solution is usually came elegant: Swift, the programming language created by Apple to developers writing iPhone applications of all shapes and sizes have quickly grown to love.

Swift won the praise and support from the world of application developers by virtue of just being better, faster and easier to learn than other options.

Apple launched Swift as the language of choice for people, especially children, learn to code. And release of the free open source language, Apple said that Swift has gone beyond the iPhone to platforms such as Android and Linux.

The trick here though, is that Swift was designed to run on an iPhone. So any code is written in Swift, for any operating system at any time, it would be much easier to carry the iPhone than it would be otherwise.

iPhone It becomes a kind of default zone destination application for the iPhone, no matter how the winds blow in the space of greater technology. And if Apple ever releases a new platform – for example, a hypothetical virtual reality headset or car – Swift argue the same way.


As expected, Microsoft sees the future as the participation of a large number of Windows.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has consolidated the phone, tablet, PC, game console, holographic glasses, and operating systems smart gadget at home in a mega platform.

So instead of pushing a multiplatform programming language, because Apple is doing, Microsoft standardizes on an operating system.

Microsoft Windows 10 operating provides the underlying each new generation of devices. A platform, an easy way to make Windows applications, no matter what type of device they use – or so goes the party line.

But in reality, Microsoft is playing a deeper game, too: Microsoft has been slow but steady release of all kinds of awesome tools to free the world of developers, especially Xamarin – allowing you to write an application once and quickly carry everywhere, from Windows to the Web for iPhone to Android. Developers love.

The key here is that Xamarin, and many other tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio, stupid easy to use make the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to provide the brains for any application – data storage for processing large amounts of data.

From the perspective of Microsoft, then you can provide the tools that developers want to use, even if they do not code for Windows (although Microsoft Security should be). While Microsoft even provides a piece of architecture that the application, to earn even while maintaining their relevance, no matter how the winds blow technology.

In short, what we see is crouched two big names in the computer are preparing for massive changes that could go either way. The big bet that underpins the strategy of Microsoft and Apple is that no matter what happens, they will each have a way to win. Or at least not lose.

Microsoft chairman pushes for more aggressive shift toward cloud

President John Thompson said he and the board are satisfied with CEO Satya Nadella push to make more money with the software and the services provided on the Internet, but want to move much faster.

Chairmen micosoft

Members of the Microsoft board of directors face a growing concern that the traditional enterprise software company, which constitutes the bulk of its sales, could evaporate in a few years – and the president John Thompson is campaigning for a change more aggressive in new products based Cloud-.

Thompson said he and the board are satisfied with a push by CEO Satya Nadella to make more money with the software and the services provided on the internet, but want to move much faster. They are considering ideas that the increase in expenditure, the examination of the sales force and management associations to accelerate the pace different path.

The growth of the cloud is not only nice to have – is essential in the context of lower demand for what is known as on-premise software, the more traditional approach of installing software on computers and the own corporate networks.

It is not known exactly how fast the sale of these legacy deals fall, Thompson said, but it “inevitable that part of our business will be under continuous pressure.”

The concern of the board of directors “born of experience. Thompson tells how his colleague director Chuck Noski, former CFO of AT & T, watched traditional evaporative telecommunications business wireline business in just three years, when the world changed for mobile. Now Noski Thompson and wonder if something similar could happen to Microsoft.

“What is the probability that could happen with the prem-face cloud? That within three years, to watch and he left? ‘” Said Thompson in an interview, snapping his fingers to the point.

Nadella said the company is on track for its projected $ 20 billion in annual sales of commercial cloud products for the year 2018. However, Thompson said business cloud could be even beyond, and manufacturer software should have started its push much earlier.

registered business cloud revenue growth rates – with sales of Azure products increased more than 100 percent from the same quarter – but the total activity accounted for only $ 5.8 million compared to $ 93.6 Microsoft billions in sales last year.

Thompson praised the technology behind the products of small cloud, like business analysis electric BI tools and data visualization and mobile management service company, offering applications and enterprise data to multiple devices.

But this one, for example, provides $ 300 million a year – a small portion of the annual income in general, will soon exceed $ 100 billion, said Thompson.

The board examines whether Microsoft has underinvested in its entire line of clouds, Thompson said. This is not only to develop better technology in the cloud, but a question of how the company sells these products and its strategy to recruit partners to resell Microsoft services and build their own offers on top of them.

Persuade partners to develop compatible applications is a strong point for the market leader said Cloud.

Thompson declined to be specific about what Microsoft might change in sales and associations, but said the company might have to “reinvent” organizations. “The question is I, should I be?” He said. “If you think we have to run, run faster, less risk aversion like a mantra, the question is how much more can be done.”

Analysts say Microsoft should develop a deeper understanding of the partners who make software for Azure and consultants to install and manage these services for customers who need the help bank. Microsoft is working on this, but is behind Amazon Web Services (AWS), said Lydia Leong, an analyst at Gartner.

“They are far away at the same level of sophistication, and Microsoft partners are most of the time for new Azure ecosystem, so they do not know well,” he said. “If you are a customer and you move to AWS, you have this vast army that can help. ”

In the sales force, Microsoft representatives need more experience in offering cloud computing – which are generally more purchases both by subscription – and how they differ from traditional software contracts, said Matt McIlwain, CEO Madrona Venture Partners Seattle. “They have not done enough of a transition to a store based on the cloud,” he said. “It’s still a work in progress.”

Microsoft declined to comment on its cloud strategy or changes in sales and partnerships for this story, and the director Noski could not be reached for comment.

the dependence of the company at the request of traditional software was painfully obvious in its latest quarterly report, when revenues were affected by the weakness of its transactional activity, or purchase software once. CFO Amy Hood said in April that sales were mediocre transaction is expected to continue.

two largest companies are Microsoft cloud Azure Web service, which attracts the leading provider Amazon, but leads Google and IBM, and versions of Office 365 cloud email, collaboration software, text processing and spreadsheets.

The main products include Microsoft SQL Server databases on Windows systems and traditional versions and office.

Depressions that pain last quarter amid new business trips to the cloud, which made changes in your financial information. Offers in the cloud, revenues are recognized over the term of the agreement rather than being considered as an initial boost. Companies are also lower margins squeezed by the cost of building and maintaining data centers to provide services. Gross margin of Microsoft dropped 80 percent in fiscal 2010 to 65 percent in the year ended June 30, 2015.

“This business is growing incredibly well, but the gross margin is significantly lower than that of its main products of old,” said Anurag Rana, Intelligence Analyst at Bloomberg. “How far are you?”

Irritates some investors, but the alternative is worse, Thompson said.

“This is a very different model for Microsoft,” he said, “and our investors will hold and hug, because the alternative is not embracing the cloud and wake up one day and be like – guess who “Thompson did not finish the sentence, but makes clear that it refers to IBM, the company where he spent more than 27 years, he says he is” more is not relevant? “.

IBM declined to comment.

Pressure is good for Microsoft, Thompson said; the pressure tends to cause the change.

“You can re-imagine things when you’re stressed,” Thompson said. “It’s much easier to do when you’re stressed because you feel compelled to do something.

“I see a lot of stress on Microsoft.”

Why you can not buy better Microsoft Notebook


People ask the book surface with a 1TB flash drive, if only Microsoft would leave them.
Customers lined up to buy new model of Microsoft Surface book, one with a large flash unit of a terabyte (TB). But there’s a problem. They can not get hold of it or place an order.

In fact, right now, the best consumers can do is request a notification when self-proclaimed “ultimate laptop” Microsoft will be available.

Microsoft began taking pre-orders for the convertible notebook for this notebook in October. The 1TB model should be transported on January 22, 2016.

A spokesman for Microsoft said the units actually have a boat. Well, most of them at least. But now, there is no stock available, due to a higher demand than expected, he said. Microsoft is working to respond to the request as soon as possible, he noted.

Microsoft spokesman did not know whether the lack of flash drives or larger screens (which are very impressive, of course) caused shortages. Or maybe Microsoft is trying to inflate his pent up demand for high-end $ 3,199 model. Your guess is as good as mine.

A buyer would be alerted fortune in question already has a professional surface with 8 GB of RAM; a unit of 512 GB solid state (SSD); and a screen of 12 inches. Their verdict? Not bad, except for the fact that you need more memory, a larger unit, and a larger screen. And you’re willing to pay for it, if only he could.
In his view, the model book surface of a 13-inch screen, 16 GB of RAM and 1TB SSD would be the perfect notebook.

“I really think Microsoft got it right this time,” he said by email. “But I’m still waiting to find out.”

Franchised new book Microsoft Surface Pro and the surface it seems that finally the company has a solid answer to Apple AAPL 2.29%, case popular units and streamlined MacBook Pro and Pro Light tandem with net screens. Oh, and no crapware is generally installed on Windows laptops made by third-party hardware vendors.

But if Microsoft really wants the mind-leader and market share of the industry to steal Apple has to deliver what it promised.

Microsoft Launches New Preview Of Window 10 PC And Wallpapers Ninja Monkey

window 10

Microsoft today released a new preview for Windows PC 10, the fourth version of 2016. The press does not include any new features, again, but the company gave testers a lot of wallpapers Monkey Ninja Square.

Windows 10 is a service. As we wrote in our deep dive into how Microsoft is still working on Windows 10, Windows are started then new construction, even if the operating system launched in July 2015.

As the last few built before, this version is more about laying the groundwork for future features. As such, it includes the following bug fixes:

The issue of periodic application crashes or other errors related to memory applications due to a change in memory management has been resolved (including Git client for Windows)

Connect button now shows again in the center

F12 Developer Tools Microsoft board now load properly

An issue where the proposed applications is published in the start menu, although “sometimes show suggestions Start” cut into Settings> Personalize> Home

A problem if you try to change the image of the lock screen with “Get fun facts, tips, tricks and more on the lock screen” is enabled, it will return to the default settings.

An issue that the positions of desktop icons huddle after the DPI settings from 100% to 150% or 175%

An issue in which pasting files into a new .zip file (compressed folder) in File Explorer either from the right or click Ctrl-V does not work

That said, this version has some known issues:

You can see an error dialog WSClient.dll after connection, as in the last construction. The solution is to run the following command at the command prompt with administrative rights: schtasks / delete / TN “\ Microsoft \ Windows \ WS \ WSRefreshBannedAppsListTask” / F

If you choose “Reset This PC” Settings> Update and Security> Recovery – PC is in an unusable state and you have to reinstall Windows (but you can always revert to the previous version)

The front camera is unusable PC with Intel REALSENSE resulting from the inability to use Windows Hi or other applications that use the front-facing camera

Once connected to your PC, you can hit a problem of user interface where the airplane mode incorrectly show that “on” even when Wi-Fi on your PC (the main interface does not wait long enough for radios supply physical energy before reporting the state), but you can only change the airplane mode as a solution

Today’s update the number of Windows crashes 10-14251 construction, available to testers, January 27, 14257 build.

It is expected that the update to arrive overnight for testers (your PC must be connected and be out or sleeping). If you are okay with prior known problems and want to build 14257 now head controlling PC, select “Update and recovery” and then “built Overview” and click “Check Now”.

Microsoft promised to release new builds to testers more frequently in 2016, and so far has delivered four built in just three weeks. Gabe Aul, vice president of systems engineering team at Microsoft, said:

Accelerate the snap ring (Note that this version is only 6 latest turns the last building, which was sent the ring quickly) means less significant changes between builds in opposition to this time last year, when built about 30 days apart. There are a lot of coding work in progress, but want to set your expectations about how it will appear that allows you to increase our pace of rapid cycling.

It expects the pace to slow as new features are starting to arrive, but it could still be faster than in 2015. However, the grateful testers have new buildings to play, even if you lack Love significant changes.

To appease them, Microsoft offers new images and wallpapers in the spirit of Ninja cat. In celebration of the Year of the Monkey, you can now download package Ninja Monkey.

Microsoft’s Latest Philanthropic Move


San Francisco – Microsoft announced on Tuesday that put the value of the power of cloud computing billion dollars in the hands of non-profit groups and free academic researchers.

A philanthropic arm of the US software giant will donate in the next three years to 70 000 non-profit groups and researchers, CEO Satya Nadella said while attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Cloud computing allows people to use the Internet to take advantage of the processing or data storage High-capacity data center. “Among the questions asked in Davos are as follows :?If cloud computing is one of the most important transformations of our time, how we ensure that its benefits are universally accessible,” said positions Nadella Online.

“What if only rich societies have access to data, intelligence, analysis and ideas that come from the power of mobile computing and cloud?”

Philanthropic move comes as Microsoft continues to adapt to a trend of the economically rent the software as a service in the cloud rather than buying and installing software on their machines.

“Last fall, world leaders at the United Nations adopted 17 sustainable development objectives to address some of the most difficult global problems in 2030, including poverty, hunger, health and education” Nadella said.

“A careful reading of these objectives reveals the central role that data and cloud computing be played for analysis and action.” General Counsel Brad Smith of Microsoft said the massive computing power available in the cloud can help researchers gain insights and secret data.

Microsoft pledges cloud computing for public good


Resources will be shared during the next three years to 70,000 nonprofit organizations and 900 university research projects. In simple terms, cloud computing is the term given to store data on the Internet, rather than on a local computer.

And to make the data more easily available, the added promise for nonprofits is as resources allow large amounts of energy that would normally be out of reach of all but the largest IT companies.

In a blog post explaining the initiative, head of the legal department of Microsoft, Brad Smith wrote: “cloud services can unlock the secrets held by the data to create new ideas and lead to breakthroughs, not only for science and technology, but to address the full range of economic and social challenges and providing better social services “.

The crisis of the so-called “big data” is seen as a great opportunity for non-profit organizations dealing with social issues that pose a heavy problem without the kind of processing power of cloud computing can offer.

In this sense, Microsoft’s commitment is not a tangible product, or money, but access to the servers and services required by regular companies to pay substantial costs. The money will also be used to improve the “last mile” Internet connectivity – the hope is connected on countries begin to take advantage of the most advanced nations of the Internet have luxuries – such as broadband at home.

Crowd difficult

Other companies, especially Facebook, have pursued similar objectives.

The project invests in Facebook connectivity technologies – such as drones – to close the last mile, helping its founder, Mark Zuckerberg called the “next billion” people to access the Web.

However, these initiatives are not always well received. The free basic outline of Facebook, in which some mobile sites were accessible for free, has caused an uproar in India, where local companies say that Facebook gives you an unfair advantage over local competitors.

Microsoft invariably hit with the same charge – that a donation will be made in three years with the hope that organizations are deeply rooted in the cloud ecosystem of Microsoft for many years to come.

However, the head of Microsoft Satya Nadella won great applause for his desire to use consistently expressed immense size and wealth of Microsoft in developing countries, including his native India.Besides being a guest of Michelle Obama’s recent State of the Union, 48 years old, participating in the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, trying to highlight the potential for Microsoft to provide computing power to the initiatives beyond big business.

Microsoft Monday: New Windows 10 ‘Free’ Rule, Windows 7 And 8 Lose Support, Word Flow Coming To iOS

“Microsoft Monday” have a look at the past week’s Microsoft related news. This week Microsoft Lunes “includes details on a new rule without upgrading Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs with older hardware alienating, the Supreme Court of the United States consideration of a class action case of the Xbox, the Xbox Live Gold subscribers Receive free access to the Vault access EA this week, a new recovery program for mobile devices, the new Bing logo added mobile applications group video calls to Skype, acquired the assets of Zero event, Word flows coming to iOS and HoloLens update.

Windows 10 “free upgrade” rules Modifications


Made history Announced When Microsoft Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade. However, the constant updating as a reminder “Download Windows 10” application (Known as “nagware”) has Become intrusive for users of older Windows operating systems. There are many Existing Receive the free update to rules, but now, Microsoft added a new rule for updating Windows 10.

In the Microsoft TechNet blog, the Redmond giant Said That leaving the application “Download Windows 10” to additional devices in the United States later this month for Windows license devices that Deliver Pro or Windows 7 Pro 8.1. The “Download Windows 10” Devices That are configured to Directly Receive updates from the Windows Update service and are connected to an Active Directory domain are Also added. “As Consumers, Small Businesses and Organizations will soon be Able to Receive notifications about the upgrade and then a upgrade to Windows 10 Directly Through a right of the user-friendly interface from the system tray on your Windows PC Pro or Windows 7 Pro 8.1,” Microsoft Said in a blog.

Gordon Forbes contributor nagware Kelly stressed heavily That Microsoft Has Been Criticized by persistent Attempts to Encourage Consumers to Improve, but now, companies Receive the same treatment. In the past, Microsoft has not pushed business users to upgrade Because of Their dependence on legacy software – Which Could cause compatibility problems. Fortunately, the “Download Windows 10” application will not show for companies That intend to manage updates on Their Own.

Windows 10 has-been downloaded more than 200 million devices to date, and Microsoft is pushing to hit the one billion mark in 2019. By forcing business users to Improve, Which is the MOST achievable goal.

Microsoft to require Windows 10 for newest CPUs, pushing enterprise users to use latest OS

If you want a new PC with the latest CPU architecture as Intel chips Skylake, you will have to run Windows 10 and Microsoft announced today.


While this may seem a gesture without duh for consumers, businesses and IT departments every day that support now have another thing to consider when buying new equipment. You can get the latest hardware and worry about breaking their internal applications that work well on Windows 7 or 8.1, or you can purchase chipset architectures that will be older but still not always supported versions of Windows Mayor fine run .

10 Windows hero image In a blog post announcing the new policy of support, group vice president for Windows devices and Terry Myerson said the move will help Microsoft to focus on Windows 10 leaving full advantage of the latest processors.

“In the future, new generations of silicon, which will last Windows platform at this time to support are introduced,” Myerson said. “This allows us to focus on deep integration between Windows and silicon, while maintaining maximum reliability and compatibility with previous generations of the platform and the silicon.”

Older silicon will still run Windows 7 and 8.1, including the new machines with Windows 7 support through January 14, 2020 and Windows 8.1 supports running until January 10, 2023.

There is a solution for those seeking a new hardware at this time who are not ready for a full upgrade to Windows 10: Microsoft This first list “is a list of new Skylake will support specific devices to run Windows 7 and Windows 8.1”. includes Dell Latitude 12 Latitude 7000 Ultrabook XPS 13 and 13; HP EliteBook Folio EliteBook 1040 G3; Lenovo ThinkPad T460s and X1 Carbon and P70 models, according to ZDNet. Other models of the line will probably be added.

But the support will last for 18 months ended July 17, 2017. After that, customers of the company should be ready to move to Windows 10.

Skylake is not the only CPU that is to see this restriction; Next silicon “Kaby Lake” Intel silicon upcoming “8996” Qualcomm silicon and future “Bristol Ridge” AMD all limited to Windows 10.

While the move is likely to add to the headaches for many IT professionals, Microsoft claims that Windows 10 is seeing healthy adoption among business users. According Myerson, 76 percent of the company’s customers are piloting Windows 10 and more than 22 million devices are running the latest operating system business and education.

Microsoft’s New Windows 10 Build Allows You To Text From Your PC, But it’s The Bug Fixes That Impress


Microsoft launched Windows 10 to build 10,572 Mobile for its experts,along with some clever improvements fronts Messaging.But still still to first downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 have to advantage.Microsoft,but said that this two-step back approach a step-ahead suddenly stops,and Windows user Insider program capable of running Windows 10 Preview Update builds without cutting first.

But the new building offers several new features,like the ability to make a notification on your Windows 10 PC,you get a missed call,and then you send an SMS via your PC Wizard Cortana.The new building also includes improvements to Skype and Skype,I improved monitoring Messaging Cortana films and events and the opportunity to book a car by Uber.Finally,the new building includes support for offline maps on the SD card as well as a new camp experience,which is shared with Windows 10 for the desktop stored.

And while they might not be classified as new features, some aspects, such as the phone displaying Notifications without first unlocking the device, and some Cortana power optimizations, should be a welcome update as the clock ticks toward a forthcoming release of Windows 10 for phones.

Getting it Out Fast

As before,Microsoft wanted his inside information, the opportunity to try as soon as possible, have the new additions.This version has a large number of corrections and some very cool new feature additions and wanted insiders who really wanted to try it,the opportunity to do so early to give a little, Gabe Aul, vice president of engineering team of Windows devices,He said in a blog post.Rest assured,if you’are to 10549.4 or update a previous accumulation of 10,575 able (or later),when it was to be.

So if you want to wait,we can fully understand,and it will not be too long.Microsoft released Windows build 10,549 10 a week,which also needed to upgrade by the user (or first downgrade) Windows Phone 8.1,before upgrading ago.The construction includes improvements to the messaging application and Aul,then he said the next build mobile messaging enhancements added Skype to share Build 10565 Windows 10.


These improvements include the integration of Skype through the mail,telephone,Skype and universal applications of Windows,the Aul Wednesday.In addition,the messaging application is now supported animated GIFs and the ability to search their messages the phone application also has the ability to search the call list.If you also run Preview build 10,565 or higher Windows 10,the phone can send an alert,which has received a text.At any time you can Cortana say Text, and they will send a to a receiver to.

Some Nice Bug Fixes

While the new features are nice additions, it’s the additional bug fixes that should have preview users excited. They include, according to Microsoft:

• Notifications, such as new messages, can be received without first unlocking the device.
• Cortana’s background activity has been optimized for power usage.
• Microsoft has fixed some of the issues that were causing the Start screen to not load, and improved the performance.
• Events in the Action Center can now be dismissed via swiping.

The new preview also comes with some bugs, however, including visual voicemail being broken on some devices, photos not being shared with third-party apps, and an odd bug that prevents devices that have been updated from Windows Phone 8 to 8.1 and then to Windows 10 from connecting to Wi-Fi or from updating to Windows 10 builds altogether.

Microsoft Security Essentials / Windows Defender Review (2015)


If you use Windows 8 then you are probably familiar with Microsoft anti-malware unknowingly package under the guise of Windows Defender which is the antivirus solution standard operating system.For Windows 7,is a quick and easy download from the name change to Windows Defender,Microsoft Security Essentials is designed to work with the other security features in Windows-baked.

These include Windows Firewall website and downloading screen smart filter,and its biggest selling point is that you do not usually know that it’s there.It updates automatically from Windows Update and sends some messages,which can be seen via the standard Action Center in the Windows task bar.Real-time protection,but also enables scheduled and manual scans,and there is little reason to even open the Control Panel.

If you do that,you have to find a simple user interface with a focus on the implementation of fast,full and custom scans,and to tell whether the signatures a day.You can look through history and see if all elements identified quarantined obtained naturally occurring again during setup,you can exclude certain files,locations,file types or methods,whether or not to change and units.

It is an anti-malware tool deliberately simple and fast,with around 1min 33sec to complete a scan in our aging dual-core PC.We also found the light on system resources and not appreciably affect usability.The problem is that Security Essentials can not provide true peace of mind.


While the last update was able to improve the detection of threats in our tests, Microsoft Security Essentials,is still obliged to 32% of threats.Its ability to allow legitimate software uninhibited set to work to increase the overall grade accuracy, but this is still a troubling result for integrated security tool from Microsoft.We could not trust our PCs and our data Security Essentials and frankly,either.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Lumia Leak Gives Premium Glimpse


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) could be put firmly in the hardware space with smart phones,based on what they suggest some high-profile leaks.Evan Blass has published what appears to be official press made two new flagship Lumia devices that Microsoft will launch in October.This contrasts with the language of the business when you order $7.6b Nokia last month marked.Leaks reveal that the company would launch two smartphones Lumia named in the Cityman and Talkman code.It seems that Cityman be called Lumia 950XL,while Talkman will be called Lumia 950.Both phones have a basic Windows logo on the back and have a nearly square appearance.

New Lumia Phones To Challenge For Top Spot

Lumia smartphones are packed with high-end specifications suggest that Microsoft is playing in the margins in the smartphone market.For example,Cityman is the largest of the two devices,which sports a 5.7-inch screen and 20 megapixel rear camera with LED flash.Talkman PureView WQHD triple has a 5.2 inch screen and a Snapdragon 808,Hexa -core 64-bit instead of Snapdragon 810,64-bit kernel in the Octa Cityman.Both phones have support for USB type C and are equipped with free Qi wireless charging.

This is where it gets serious,The Verge reports that a new image also disclosed today in a German podcast showed Cityman combined with an accessory that will provide support for the function continuously in Windows 10 Mobile.Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) has raised the idea of ​​running Universal applications that will allow you to combine work from their PC to their tablets and smartphones.The company did not provide any indication as to when Lumia smartphones can start working as a PC, but the leak suggests that universal applications will not be far away.

Apple, Google, Watch Out For Microsoft

Last month,DigiTimes citing sources in the Taiwan handset supply chain saying that Microsoft’s objective in entering smartphone range and mid-level has been its Achilles heel in the last two source years.The said the key to Microsoft’s success in the smartphone space adopts a similar strategy applies to the launch Surface tablets,focusing only on high end business segments and for Microsoft fans.

Windows Mobile platform is a distant third in the smartphone operating system behind Android operating system and Apple iOS iPhone Google.Microsoft was stealing BlackBerry market share in the smartphone market,but it is still far behind Apple and Google in this space.However,Windows Mobile 10 might be able to give a chance to get a decent business market share even kill your BlackBerry BB10 operating system for the Android operating system.

Microsoft Open Sources its Tool For Porting iOS Apps To Windows


Microsoft announces big news in the Build developers conference this year and revealed that Windows 10 can run reworked Android and iOS applications.While developers have been fascinated by the message in April,Microsoft has received the tools secret until now.In another surprising move,Microsoft is open your key tool for porting applications iOS,Windows.Iceland earlier project name in the timber code,the bridge Windows to iOS preview occurs today and all source code is available on GitHub.

IOS bridge allows developers in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 create applications,with plans to add support for mobile later in the year.This first version is a pure preview, so it is not definitive and Microsoft is really based on the open source community,code,test,bug reports and feedback,where the company contributes with his initials tool portability.Microsoft strives to release the bridge Windows to iOS as a whole in the case with a public beta version of Windows to Android Bridge.Android Bridge Microsoft is currently a technical preview is only available invitation,and Microsoft is expected to reach awaiting access to the list later this month.

Both tools have been developed to make it easier to bring their existing code to Android and iOS Universal Windows applications for developers.While the Android version is limited to only telephony applications,the equivalent of iOS will allow developers,applications,PCs,tablets and phones create span.It is still too early to say whether these instruments bear make a big hole in the absence of applications for tablets and Windows Phones from Microsoft,is an important step towards open source iOS step for the community, to the to the direction the application decides Microsoft tool wear.

Microsoft Earnings: What To Watch


Microsoft Corp. MSFT -3.68% is slated to report financial results Tuesday afternoon for its fiscal fourth quarter ended June 30. Here are key themes to keep an eye on:

–EARNINGS FORECAST : Microsoft is expected to post a loss of 30 cents per share, according to the average analyst estimate compiled by Thomson Reuters, as the end result is driven by a reduction and restructuring whopping mobile operating company. Excluding this and other one-time effects financial successes, the average estimate profit of 56 cents per share, compared to 55 cents in the previous year.

–REVENUE FORECAST : Microsoft’s sales are expected to fall about 6% from a year ago to $22.06 billion, according to Thomson Reuters estimates, because sales of Windows software and Office software licenses continues to decline along with PC sales.


–A MOBILE REBOOT (AGAIN) : With its $7.6 billion accounting charge and more employee layoffs in the mobile business, Microsoft also essentially admitted it needs a new strategy for its Windows smartphones, which have a tiny 3% market share.It is to the CEO Satya Nadella investors sell mobile strategy to restart the task will not be easy, investors cautiously repeating the mistakes of mobile Microsoft to sell. With Microsoft’s efforts, the cost in some border areas of mobile business and Wall Street also keep a watchful eye is cut in operating expenses, the company said it will more or less flat in the current fiscal year.

–WINDOWS 10 : The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system in the next week, but you never know. Low expectations of Wall Street analysts believe that the new software that Microsoft does go for many PC users free of charge to improve both the decline in sales of new equipment. Wall Street is also seeking greater clarity from Microsoft about how finances impact of the new Microsoft Windows. Since Windows 10 users will get future updates of fresh software for years, perhaps for the first time Microsoft is recognizing revenue from new Windows PC for several years and not in one lump sum.

–BUSINESS IS KING : Several Microsoft stumbles in the areas of consumer technology sometimes hide a story of incredible success in the areas of business computing lower profile,for example,sales of server software , databases , computing cloud and software bundle.Such Office enterprise customers to generate the most the profits of Microsoft and are the main reason for the optimism of investors in Microsoft.Analysts have Microsoft’s sales of software to accurately track in the cloud,and the company to keep doubling the revenue growth in this business for the share price more or less flat this year to show a lift.

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