Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Lumia Leak Gives Premium Glimpse

Following is Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Lumia Leak Gives Premium Glimpse from latest Microsoft practice test.


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) could be put firmly in the hardware space with smart phones,based on what they suggest some high-profile leaks.Evan Blass has published what appears to be official press made two new flagship Lumia devices that Microsoft will launch in October.This contrasts with the language of the business when you order $7.6b Nokia last month marked.Leaks reveal that the company would launch two smartphones Lumia named in the Cityman and Talkman code.It seems that Cityman be called Lumia 950XL,while Talkman will be called Lumia 950.Both phones have a basic Windows logo on the back and have a nearly square appearance.

New Lumia Phones To Challenge For Top Spot

Lumia smartphones are packed with high-end specifications suggest that Microsoft is playing in the margins in the smartphone market.For example,Cityman is the largest of the two devices,which sports a 5.7-inch screen and 20 megapixel rear camera with LED flash.Talkman PureView WQHD triple has a 5.2 inch screen and a Snapdragon 808,Hexa -core 64-bit instead of Snapdragon 810,64-bit kernel in the Octa Cityman.Both phones have support for USB type C and are equipped with free Qi wireless charging.

This is where it gets serious,The Verge reports that a new image also disclosed today in a German podcast showed Cityman combined with an accessory that will provide support for the function continuously in Windows 10 Mobile.Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) has raised the idea of ​​running Universal applications that will allow you to combine work from their PC to their tablets and smartphones.The company did not provide any indication as to when Lumia smartphones can start working as a PC, but the leak suggests that universal applications will not be far away.

Apple, Google, Watch Out For Microsoft

Last month,DigiTimes citing sources in the Taiwan handset supply chain saying that Microsoft’s objective in entering smartphone range and mid-level has been its Achilles heel in the last two source years.The said the key to Microsoft’s success in the smartphone space adopts a similar strategy applies to the launch Surface tablets,focusing only on high end business segments and for Microsoft fans.

Windows Mobile platform is a distant third in the smartphone operating system behind Android operating system and Apple iOS iPhone Google.Microsoft was stealing BlackBerry market share in the smartphone market,but it is still far behind Apple and Google in this space.However,Windows Mobile 10 might be able to give a chance to get a decent business market share even kill your BlackBerry BB10 operating system for the Android operating system.