Microsoft Monday: New Windows 10 ‘Free’ Rule, Windows 7 And 8 Lose Support, Word Flow Coming To iOS

Following is Microsoft Monday: New Windows 10 ‘Free’ Rule, Windows 7 And 8 Lose Support, Word Flow Coming To iOS from latest Microsoft practice test.

“Microsoft Monday” have a look at the past week’s Microsoft related news. This week Microsoft Lunes “includes details on a new rule without upgrading Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs with older hardware alienating, the Supreme Court of the United States consideration of a class action case of the Xbox, the Xbox Live Gold subscribers Receive free access to the Vault access EA this week, a new recovery program for mobile devices, the new Bing logo added mobile applications group video calls to Skype, acquired the assets of Zero event, Word flows coming to iOS and HoloLens update.

Windows 10 “free upgrade” rules Modifications


Made history Announced When Microsoft Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade. However, the constant updating as a reminder “Download Windows 10” application (Known as “nagware”) has Become intrusive for users of older Windows operating systems. There are many Existing Receive the free update to rules, but now, Microsoft added a new rule for updating Windows 10.

In the Microsoft TechNet blog, the Redmond giant Said That leaving the application “Download Windows 10” to additional devices in the United States later this month for Windows license devices that Deliver Pro or Windows 7 Pro 8.1. The “Download Windows 10” Devices That are configured to Directly Receive updates from the Windows Update service and are connected to an Active Directory domain are Also added. “As Consumers, Small Businesses and Organizations will soon be Able to Receive notifications about the upgrade and then a upgrade to Windows 10 Directly Through a right of the user-friendly interface from the system tray on your Windows PC Pro or Windows 7 Pro 8.1,” Microsoft Said in a blog.

Gordon Forbes contributor nagware Kelly stressed heavily That Microsoft Has Been Criticized by persistent Attempts to Encourage Consumers to Improve, but now, companies Receive the same treatment. In the past, Microsoft has not pushed business users to upgrade Because of Their dependence on legacy software – Which Could cause compatibility problems. Fortunately, the “Download Windows 10” application will not show for companies That intend to manage updates on Their Own.

Windows 10 has-been downloaded more than 200 million devices to date, and Microsoft is pushing to hit the one billion mark in 2019. By forcing business users to Improve, Which is the MOST achievable goal.