Microsoft Open Sources its Tool For Porting iOS Apps To Windows

Following is Microsoft Open Sources its Tool For Porting iOS Apps To Windows from latest Microsoft practice test.


Microsoft announces big news in the Build developers conference this year and revealed that Windows 10 can run reworked Android and iOS applications.While developers have been fascinated by the message in April,Microsoft has received the tools secret until now.In another surprising move,Microsoft is open your key tool for porting applications iOS,Windows.Iceland earlier project name in the timber code,the bridge Windows to iOS preview occurs today and all source code is available on GitHub.

IOS bridge allows developers in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 create applications,with plans to add support for mobile later in the year.This first version is a pure preview, so it is not definitive and Microsoft is really based on the open source community,code,test,bug reports and feedback,where the company contributes with his initials tool portability.Microsoft strives to release the bridge Windows to iOS as a whole in the case with a public beta version of Windows to Android Bridge.Android Bridge Microsoft is currently a technical preview is only available invitation,and Microsoft is expected to reach awaiting access to the list later this month.

Both tools have been developed to make it easier to bring their existing code to Android and iOS Universal Windows applications for developers.While the Android version is limited to only telephony applications,the equivalent of iOS will allow developers,applications,PCs,tablets and phones create span.It is still too early to say whether these instruments bear make a big hole in the absence of applications for tablets and Windows Phones from Microsoft,is an important step towards open source iOS step for the community, to the to the direction the application decides Microsoft tool wear.