Microsoft Security Essentials / Windows Defender Review (2015)

Following is Microsoft Security Essentials / Windows Defender Review (2015) from latest Microsoft practice test.


If you use Windows 8 then you are probably familiar with Microsoft anti-malware unknowingly package under the guise of Windows Defender which is the antivirus solution standard operating system.For Windows 7,is a quick and easy download from the name change to Windows Defender,Microsoft Security Essentials is designed to work with the other security features in Windows-baked.

These include Windows Firewall website and downloading screen smart filter,and its biggest selling point is that you do not usually know that it’s there.It updates automatically from Windows Update and sends some messages,which can be seen via the standard Action Center in the Windows task bar.Real-time protection,but also enables scheduled and manual scans,and there is little reason to even open the Control Panel.

If you do that,you have to find a simple user interface with a focus on the implementation of fast,full and custom scans,and to tell whether the signatures a day.You can look through history and see if all elements identified quarantined obtained naturally occurring again during setup,you can exclude certain files,locations,file types or methods,whether or not to change and units.

It is an anti-malware tool deliberately simple and fast,with around 1min 33sec to complete a scan in our aging dual-core PC.We also found the light on system resources and not appreciably affect usability.The problem is that Security Essentials can not provide true peace of mind.


While the last update was able to improve the detection of threats in our tests, Microsoft Security Essentials,is still obliged to 32% of threats.Its ability to allow legitimate software uninhibited set to work to increase the overall grade accuracy, but this is still a troubling result for integrated security tool from Microsoft.We could not trust our PCs and our data Security Essentials and frankly,either.