Microsoft’s Latest Philanthropic Move

Following is Microsoft’s Latest Philanthropic Move from latest Microsoft practice test.


San Francisco – Microsoft announced on Tuesday that put the value of the power of cloud computing billion dollars in the hands of non-profit groups and free academic researchers.

A philanthropic arm of the US software giant will donate in the next three years to 70 000 non-profit groups and researchers, CEO Satya Nadella said while attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Cloud computing allows people to use the Internet to take advantage of the processing or data storage High-capacity data center. “Among the questions asked in Davos are as follows :?If cloud computing is one of the most important transformations of our time, how we ensure that its benefits are universally accessible,” said positions Nadella Online.

“What if only rich societies have access to data, intelligence, analysis and ideas that come from the power of mobile computing and cloud?”

Philanthropic move comes as Microsoft continues to adapt to a trend of the economically rent the software as a service in the cloud rather than buying and installing software on their machines.

“Last fall, world leaders at the United Nations adopted 17 sustainable development objectives to address some of the most difficult global problems in 2030, including poverty, hunger, health and education” Nadella said.

“A careful reading of these objectives reveals the central role that data and cloud computing be played for analysis and action.” General Counsel Brad Smith of Microsoft said the massive computing power available in the cloud can help researchers gain insights and secret data.