Microsoft’s New Windows 10 Build Allows You To Text From Your PC, But it’s The Bug Fixes That Impress

Following is Microsoft’s New Windows 10 Build Allows You To Text From Your PC, But it’s The Bug Fixes That Impress from latest Microsoft practice test.


Microsoft launched Windows 10 to build 10,572 Mobile for its experts,along with some clever improvements fronts Messaging.But still still to first downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 have to advantage.Microsoft,but said that this two-step back approach a step-ahead suddenly stops,and Windows user Insider program capable of running Windows 10 Preview Update builds without cutting first.

But the new building offers several new features,like the ability to make a notification on your Windows 10 PC,you get a missed call,and then you send an SMS via your PC Wizard Cortana.The new building also includes improvements to Skype and Skype,I improved monitoring Messaging Cortana films and events and the opportunity to book a car by Uber.Finally,the new building includes support for offline maps on the SD card as well as a new camp experience,which is shared with Windows 10 for the desktop stored.

And while they might not be classified as new features, some aspects, such as the phone displaying Notifications without first unlocking the device, and some Cortana power optimizations, should be a welcome update as the clock ticks toward a forthcoming release of Windows 10 for phones.

Getting it Out Fast

As before,Microsoft wanted his inside information, the opportunity to try as soon as possible, have the new additions.This version has a large number of corrections and some very cool new feature additions and wanted insiders who really wanted to try it,the opportunity to do so early to give a little, Gabe Aul, vice president of engineering team of Windows devices,He said in a blog post.Rest assured,if you’are to 10549.4 or update a previous accumulation of 10,575 able (or later),when it was to be.

So if you want to wait,we can fully understand,and it will not be too long.Microsoft released Windows build 10,549 10 a week,which also needed to upgrade by the user (or first downgrade) Windows Phone 8.1,before upgrading ago.The construction includes improvements to the messaging application and Aul,then he said the next build mobile messaging enhancements added Skype to share Build 10565 Windows 10.


These improvements include the integration of Skype through the mail,telephone,Skype and universal applications of Windows,the Aul Wednesday.In addition,the messaging application is now supported animated GIFs and the ability to search their messages the phone application also has the ability to search the call list.If you also run Preview build 10,565 or higher Windows 10,the phone can send an alert,which has received a text.At any time you can Cortana say Text, and they will send a to a receiver to.

Some Nice Bug Fixes

While the new features are nice additions, it’s the additional bug fixes that should have preview users excited. They include, according to Microsoft:

• Notifications, such as new messages, can be received without first unlocking the device.
• Cortana’s background activity has been optimized for power usage.
• Microsoft has fixed some of the issues that were causing the Start screen to not load, and improved the performance.
• Events in the Action Center can now be dismissed via swiping.

The new preview also comes with some bugs, however, including visual voicemail being broken on some devices, photos not being shared with third-party apps, and an odd bug that prevents devices that have been updated from Windows Phone 8 to 8.1 and then to Windows 10 from connecting to Wi-Fi or from updating to Windows 10 builds altogether.