Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Still Coming Out Soon? Latest Rumors, Specs & Features Here!


Threatens version of Windows 10,it is safe to expect Microsoft to publish the long-awaited Pro 4 shortly surfaces? The latest operating system upgrade is July 29 to speculate which of course led experts to the surface for 3-successor should come about a month or more to be released later.But until now Microsoft has the existence or release of surfaces Pro 4,not to mention an official release date to confirm the tablet.However,observers predicted that such a model can daylight sometime next year.

This projection is the result of an analysis of a report saying that manufacturers of Windows operating system and other high tech profile suits (read:Apple) have a lot of 256GB SSD,which ordered the NVME Samsung technology,a new supply contract for its SSD 256GB SSD are used in laptops from major manufacturers such as Apple and Microsoft to WinBeta.Samsung Electronics business recently confirmed.The contract is estimated at 20 million units and is expected to complete the deal in the second half of next year.

The products are to adopt the new standards espresso non-volatile memory (NVME) to clarify that such publication added.WinBeta SSD can transfer data at 2 GB/s,which is more than three times the speed of the surface of Pro over 3600 MB /s.This would be to distinguish between the surface of a dramatic increase Pro 3 and Pro 4 surface,wherein the location.Since the supply of SSDs would be completed by the second half of 2016,I was able to go to be published around the same time on a new device to.Could it be the surface Pro 4 this time be? Finally,SSDs are much stronger than those found in Pro 3.

Moreover,it was also reported that Microsoft plans to sell its flagship current tablet and is currently linking more partner to only that.Microsoft first wave of membership was [the authorized service provider] really LSP already do,he had a strong relationship with Microsoft,vice president of sales for Micro Serve Ted Smith,as the waves CRN.This may not want as in the Microsoft ecosystem,we are expanding our partnership with Microsoft and the company personnel eradicated be noted.It is good for Microsoft for more coverage on the market through the use of more resellers.It is expected that this will increase sales of current and future surface.

IT Certification’s Confirmed Exam Questions and Answers

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Can Microsoft Corporation’s (MSFT) Rumored “Surface Pro 4” Transform Tablet Industry For Good?


The Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) is the point of a surface 4 launch Pro hybrid,probably 10 expected with the release of the Windows operating system on 29 July,to coincide,the new CEO,Satya Nadella,who took over from Steve Balmer,have He could expect that the surface to be scrapped if the areas are losing money, would have been closed.

We hope that the instrument of Windows 10 software, designed to run on mobile phones and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers.A resolution of 2160 x 1440 on a 12-inch screen,similar to exit its predecessor , surfaces Pro 3 . Pro 4 is believed to be the first device with Intel Corp.Processor (NASDAQ :INTC) chipset Sky Lake,another possible reason for delays in the introduction of the hybrid device .Some reports have speculated that Microsoft may launch a larger version of its Surface Pro 4,sports a 14-inch screen.We believe that is unlikely.

Surfaces Pro 4 will go on sale alongside the next Lumia,Lumia 640 and 640XL go phones.The latest model is with (NASDAQ: AAPL) Apple Inc.iPad compete Air 3.We do not believe that Microsoft compete in Cupertino tech giant based in the front of the tablet.The number of the surface not as successful with users and it seems likely that the next Pro 4 is the latest edition of a series hybrid unsuccessful.

Windows 10 may be the only thing that surfaces come Pro helps compete with Apple. With Microsoft charge a premium for their surfaces Pro 3 and probably 4 Pro, unseen,is believed by many.Users are more likely to laptops as a hybrid, the switch offers less.Surface Pro 4 could last chance Microsoft in the price,but it may not be enough. We will provide more details on the surface of Pro 4,closer to the launch.

Facebook’s API Change Severs Microsoft Apps From Friends’ info

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - APRIL 29: A Microsoft logo is seen during the 2015 Microsoft Build Conference on April 29, 2015 at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. Thousands are expected to attend the annual developer conference which runs through May 1. (Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images)

Facebook has a new API (Application Programming Interface),most compounds Microsoft integrated its mobile and desktop applications to link became paralyzed with Facebook calendar,contacts and photos released. The change causes the Graph API by the desire of Facebook to addressed users more control over what they are sharing with third-party applications for the first time in April 2014.

Facebook gave third-party developers a year to switch to chart 2.0.Microsoft in changes in their applications and services.Facebook has released an update for its graphics API that will affect Microsoft applications and services output, which Microsoft recently in a document on its Support website published. Because of these changes,no longer have the support functions Facebook Connect.

Facebook Connect is the name Facebook synchronize content with other applications and services.In the case of Microsoft brought Facebook Connect Facebook contacts and calendar in Office 365,,Windows and Windows 8 and 8.1 persons,and calendar applications.There may also other Microsoft applications including Movie Maker,onedrive,photos and Gallery of Sync and Share Content on Facebook.

Standing synchronization between the applications and services of Facebook and Microsoft to work in June declined 9.Microsoft questions if the breakup was permanent answer,and why they decided to upgrade their applications to the new graphics API 2.0,which means that the exchange had died.

Facebook also declined to comment.It is unclear which side,Microsoft or Facebook is responsible for dropped connections.Although Facebook developers spent a year to make changes to use their applications to the new API new rules of Menlo Park, California.Society made it impossible for the kind of exchange of information Microsoft has been activated.

That’s because the Figure 2.0 can only Facebook users to share their data with third party applications bring as contact information of friends on Facebook key Microsoft applications such as those under Windows 8.1,photographs of friends, birthdays and other events can no longer divide book data. The last two were the extension of the calendar sharing between Facebook and Microsoft software.

Microsoft Confirms Acquisition of Wunderlist Task-Management App


Microsoft Corp. confirmed it bought the German home behind a mobile task management application called Wunderlist how to acquire the software company continues application developers to fill gaps in the line of consumer products.The Wall Street Journal reported earlier Microsoft had agreed to buy the maker of application,6 Wunderkinder GmbH for between $100 million and $200 million.Microsoft announced the acquisition Tuesday in a blog.The company did not disclose the purchase price.

Under Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has scrambled to catch up in the mobile phone software,an area in which the Redmond, fell behind competitors such as Google Inc. and Facebook Inc.Under Mr.Nadella,Microsoft acquired new companies have created mobile applications for e-mail and digital calendar.It also improves Office Apps for iPhone and Android smartphones,and made the most of its features for use.

Offers for other 6 Wunderkinder and mobile applications Mr.Nadella projector manufacturers focus on the expansion of the mobile user base of Microsoft. His predecessor CEO focused on achieving gains more.The acquisitions also highlight the fact that Microsoft has not been created many common mobile applications.Popular applications such as video game Minecraft, video call service Skype and now Wunderlist all went in the Microsoft product line through acquisitions.

Microsoft in his blog the Wunderlist had more than 13 million customers who use the application to create to-do lists and scheduling tasks in Apple Inc. iOS and Google Android operating systems. Microsoft said the Wunderlist app would remain free in all is existing markets.The proposed blog possible future integration between Wunderlist and other Microsoft software.

Microsoft,Facebook,Google And The Future Of Voice Communications

Suddenly it seems to go as Facebook, Google and Apple up all over each other to have the voice interaction,in particular the telephone conversation. They are races of social competition,as if they have forgotten,until now,how people value ultimately one-on-one in the most valuable part.


See voice as the next big land grab for technology companies not only in established VoIP,but the companies in the forefront of the consumer and media companies. Microsoft is positioned after the acquisition of Skype in 2011,but other tech giants are catching up,recognize the value of voice conversations.Skype has more than 4.9 million active users per day compared to 890 million Facebook,but Skype users are in a social way,3.0 that Facebook can not touch interact.

Facebook has denied rumors of capacity building of calls since 2010,but it was only a matter of time before they realized that you can not in the business of connecting people,especially in Mobile, regardless of the new application conversations. Facebook Phone, Hello, which add value to their social networks voice calls,so you can get more information about their vocation. With intelligent search bar Hello, you can search by key business contacts or information, then call with one touch and shows the deep relationship between digital calls and phones.

Given the growth and popularity of independent messaging application, Facebook will likely not increase sales, if much invest in a real solution to the conversations of text, image and, most importantly, vote. Note that is not only high Facebook iron in the fire, when it comes to the phone in February, the company acquired WhatsApp for a cool $ 19 billion.The price was shocking at the time, but now it has expanded WhatsApp via a messaging application on a fully charged for communication of phone calls, it makes sense tool.

And the trend is on Facebook. Google has come up with full force when. For possession of all communications Her Fi recently announced project is revolutionizing wireless communication through improved range, speed,connectivity and service. This is Google’s response to the replacement of Google Voice.

Apple, meanwhile, has invested in the voice through its hardware and software. By releasing continuity functions in Yosemite and Apple iOS in August it was ahead of the curve in alleviating the connection between online experiences and phone calls.Now you can have a phone conversation on any Apple device with ease.

Now that Apple is creating an ecosystem around the iPhone and the Apple Watch, the company is continuing to integrate these conversations across devices. Apple recognizes that consumers don’t just operate in a single digital or physical environment and phone conversations transcend those different channels.

The biggest names in tech are putting tens of billions of dollars behind phone conversations. There’s still tremendous opportunity for companies to enhance everyday experiences by blending the digital and real worlds. As more digital pioneers jump on the bandwagon, it will be interesting to see who wins in the arms race for voice-to-voice conversations.

Exclusive : Microsoft Has No Plans To Pursue Salesforce Sources

(From L to R) Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Satya Nadella, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood, Chairman John Thompson, and Executive Vice President and General Counsel Brad Smith take questions at the annual shareholders' meeting in Bellevue, Washington December 3, 2014. REUTERS/Jason Redmond  (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY) - RTR4GLER

Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) currently is not weighing an offer for Inc (CRM.N), two people familiar with the matter said on Thursday, dampening speculation that Microsoft could be drawn into bidding for the cloud software company. Bloomberg News, citing people with knowledge of the matter, reported earlier this week that Microsoft was evaluating a bid for Salesforce after the latter was approached by another unnamed would-be buyer.Microsoft maintains current market valuation of expensive Salesforce,said one of the people.

It is possible that Microsoft could see Salesforce an offer in the long run,said the other.The sources asked not be identified because the talks are confidential.Microsoft and Salesforce declined to comment.San Francisco-based Salesforce is the number 1 in the market relationship management (CRM) $23 million year-customer, according to research firm Gartner technology.Helps organize business calls and monitor sales and services are provided leads.Salesforce fully through the cloud available,installed directly on computers without software.Oracle (ORCL.N) and Microsoft,which were relatively late in the cloud model,have incomes in much smaller CRM Online.

This Microsoft and other large software companies are willing to strengthen its presence in cloud computing. But any agreement to Salesforce,which has a market capitalization than $49000000000,would be expensive.Salesforce shares rose 48 percent in the last 12 months, trading at 106.8 times the company’s earnings forward significantly in Microsoft multiple of 19.1, according to Thomson Reuters.Last month, the CEO of Oracle, Safra Catz said the company could benefit if Microsoft or another rival bought cause much disruption in the market and so I would see that as something that would be useful for us, especially in the short or medium term, depends on who he was, Catz said.

She refused to comment on whether Oracle had made an approach to buy Salesforce.Salesforce another potential buyer has ruled herself. SAP AG (SAPG.DE) CEO Bill McDermott said earlier this week that his company has “zero interest” in rival software. We have never bought anything deteriorating and declining, he said, saying that the software cloud computing Salesforce was becoming a commodity.

Microsoft Outperforms Its Low Growth Expectations


Microsoft Corp.Chief Executive Satya Nadella had warned investors not to expect much growth of your company for a few months.I was wrong.Microsoft released quarterly results Thursday exceeded the high expectations of what Mr.Nadella scope to invest in new businesses without.To second guess investors Microsoft said sales in the third quarter ended March 31 by nearly 6.5% over the previous year to 21.7 million in part by the inclusion of sales of Nokia Corp. Business mobile phone,which has Microsoft does not have a year ago.That topped Wall Street expectations,despite a strong dollar have shown us a little better shot down the sales in many places,Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft Amy Hood in an interview.

Microsoft in January noted,sales growth would slow in the summer as the company ran out of what was sold enviable growth in sales of other software companies Windows,Office and.Share price of Wall Street and expectations of the company for the financial results of the company,was the result.The weakness of the continuous introduction of new PCs,driving sales of software Microsoft Windows and Office,was cut in the income of these cash-cow products.But Microsoft more than the difference by selling products over the less advertised and software for servers and databases that are used by companies.

The quarterly report is promising to lead the first results of Mr.Nadella efforts,the company through the next generation.The CEO is trying to be installed away from Microsoft software on PCs and corporate subscriptions to run services over the internet.Investors have responded positively as Mr.Nadella offers friendly versions of the beam and business office software packages such as databases and analysis highlighted.Business cloud computing Microsoft have taken steps,including web-friendly Office 365, Azure calculation of the faucet and a sales tool online.Cloud sales more than doubled $1.5 billion in quarter,an important reference point as Microsoft competes with Inc.,Google Inc.,International Business Machines Corp.and others in the cloud domination. The long-term financial impact of the transition remains uncertain, however.

This summer,Mr.Nadella make his biggest gamble yet with the operating software of the company’s next generation of Windows 10, to promote the PCs,smartphones and tablets.For the first time in Microsoft Windows is launching as an entry point for an ongoing relationship with the customer.The goal is to make more money from areas such as sales of video games and Web search advertising,which was formerly a small income.In general, during the quarte Microsoft said its net profit fell nearly 12% to 4.99 billion,or 61 cents per share,from 5.66 billion dollars,or 68 cents per share, a year earlier.Profit fell, partly due to increased spending on research and development as well as the actual cost of widespread job cuts,the company began last summer.

In a statement,the investor is probably concerned foray Microsoft in and animate their own computer equipment, Ms.Hood told analysts the company aggressively on the cost of hardware companies like Nokia smartphones,computers Surface and Xbox video game consoles focus.Wall Street analysts were not fans of these companies.Part of the company’s commitment to the discipline of hardware costs reflects poor sales of smartphones from Microsoft, which represents a small part of global market.Other as Nokia, Microsoft’s business done everything right,including major enterprise software sales where revenue increased 4, 6% over the previous year, exceeding expectations. Microsoft sales forecast for the June quarter was more optimistic than pessimistic expectations of Wall Street.

For Microsoft, Hardware And OS Consistency Key in Surface 3


With the impending surface 3 Microsoft is ending experimentation and return of hardware and operating system consistency across its line of tablets with the hope that consumers and businesses is a lot to like.The surface 3 is radically different from its predecessor,Zone 2,which had a specific ARM processor and OS-Windows RT tablet.3 sports surface of a total of 8.1 Windows OS and Intel x86 processor,the hybrid is the combination tablet in most PCs and laptops today.

The area of ​​3,which has a 10.8 inch screen,is a slimmer and lighter version Surface Pro 3 and offer longer battery life, said Brian Eskridge,Senior Product Manager Microsoft Surface. For us, this was a look forward.We must listen to our customers Give me the little brother to the areas for 3.For us that everything that Pro 3 with her,surfaces including the x86 architecture,the ability of programs and modern applications run, Eskridge said.

However, the surface 3 is slightly slower. Provides more than 85 percent of the power of the surfaces Pro 3 is not a giant clearing and provides an additional hour of battery life,the Eskridge. From US $ 499, do not start the cheapest tablet available, but cheaper than the maximum area of ​​12 inches per 3.The device is in May. It has a full size USB 3.0 port, a slot for Micro USB 2.0 Mini DisplayPort, 802.11ac WiFi,behind eight megapixel camera and a front camera of 3.5 megapixels.The tablet features a 10.8-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1280 pixels.

Some of the new features, like type C-USB port, were not included in the tablet.Microsoft decided,with the ports and features that customers are familiar still,Eskridge said. The surface 3 is based on a new codename for Intel Atom processor Cherry Trail,and demonstrates Microsoft’s experience with ARM processors in tablet surface.Microsoft Surface 3 is upgraded to Windows 10 may be desktop operating system support x86.Superficie 2, was the last tablet on sale with Windows RT,and will not be upgraded to Windows 10.

The combination of a full Windows 8.1 OS and x86 also makes surfaces 3 attractive for companies that could use the device as a tablet or laptop, Eskridge said. In a way, Microsoft will start off with tablets instead of laptops that run on x86 processors and Windows for decades. As sales of Windows OEM machine to smooth, Microsoft wants business buyer is a tablet surfaces look to replace a laptop while Windows 10 upgrade cycle. A keyboard attachment can be purchased separately.

Some companies have hundreds of surfaces bought 3 units, and expects that the number Eskridge to go up to thousands when the tablet started shipping in early May. Many customers are still in the testing area 3 to reach the best use cases Eskridge said. Early adopters are chemical company BASF and airline Emirates, which are used in the cockpit tablet to replace the navigation documents, flight manuals, maps and flight documentation. Infiniti Car Company is testing the tablet over 50 dealers in the UK, so that sales staff to educate customers about car models, perform a test drive and close a deal.Microsoft is also pushing surface 3 to compete in the education sector with Chromebooks, and has announced that University of Phoenix would be buying the tablets.

Microsoft to Add Virtualized Containers, Nano Server Mode To Windows Server 2016


On April 8, Microsoft officials confirmed earlier reports of a new way of implementing nano-server, which will be part of the next version of Windows Server, if available, a time schedule 2016 Nano-technology server does not is in May -Windows Server 2016 preview; will be introduced sometime during a build later, officials said.

Nano-server is Windows Server customers have the option of running Windows Server stripped to its smallest possible space. Nano-server is 1/20 the size of Windows Server Core, and only the essential components (Hyper-V, clustering, network technology, Storage.Net and Core CLR) without a user interface.

Microsoft officials also shared details on the new features of Windows tray come in Windows Server 2016. In October last year, Microsoft officials said there would be new support Windows and Linux container that is baked into Windows Server Next . Check both types of packaging could be with Docker, open source engine, automated provisioning of applications.

Microsoft officials said at the time that the customer is able to Docker container applications that run on Windows Local Server or Windows Server are hosted on a virtual machine on the Microsoft Azure cloud running to create.

On April 8, officials added another container for mixing next Windows Server option. Windows Server 2016 users also have the option of carrying out what Microsoft called Hyper-V container. These are Docker manageable container, which is operated by the Hyper-V virtualization technology from Microsoft.

Many describe as container technology so there is no need for virtualization, Microsoft officials said they believe that the use of virtualization can add another layer of insulation packaging to use a number of enterprise customers. Hyper-V is not running around the container, the entire operating system and offers more security / sandbox and the overall control, said Microsoft executives. Container Hyper-V can also be useful for those who have Windows Server in multi-tenant configurations, she said.

NanoServer Microsoft will be an ideal platform to run on the Windows Server container is positioned. Microsoft officials are planning the technology of Windows Server container show (but not containers Hyper-V) in the Build conference in San Francisco in late April, officials said today.

Microsoft Will Offer Free Windows 10 Upgrades To Pirates Worldwide (Updated)


In January, we have learned that for a year, Microsoft will free upgrades to Windows 10 on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.Today on its Windows Hardware Engineering Foundation (WinHEC) event offer in Shenzhen, the company showed that the offer world available to hackers.

Reuters first reported the news quoting Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft Windows: We update all qualified, genuine and not original Windows 10. “However, Title and Article Text teams to China, where piracy rates are particularly high concentration Windows, so we contacted Microsoft has confirmed the circumference.

Anyone with a qualified appliance can upgrade to Windows 10, with pirated copies of Windows, said a Microsoft spokesperson VentureBeat. We believe that customers will eventually realize the value of licensing Windows properly, and we will make it easier for them to move to make legitimate copies.

We also call means ensuring that the announcement of the next technically possible: During this period of one year after the release of Windows 10 any Windows 7 or Windows can 8.x pirates and then click Windows 10 for free. Correctly; anyone in the world with a qualified appliance can update a pirated copy of Windows to Windows 10, Microsoft spokesman confirmed to VentureBeat.

This is huge. It shows how dedicated Microsoft is getting as many users as possible to its latest and greatest operating system. The measure said the company is willing to generate income from your Windows business.The decision will probably be the fastest growth in market share of a new operating system for translating away. We’re willing to bet 10 to Windows is the most popular operating system before 2015 is over.

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will begin this summer in 190 countries and open hardware requirements and how to update the operating system. But these are all expected developments. The fact that Microsoft wants to fight piracy with free updates is by far the most important news. Regardless of when a new version of Windows will be available, and what it takes to run, pirates tend to upgrade first. This, then, however, Microsoft gives his blessing.

Microsoft Streamlines OneDrive’s Cloud File Management UI


Organize files in the storage service cloud Microsoft will soon be a little easier as the company brings new changes this month. Users OneDrive soon be more of an experience of managing files on the desktop and web-based customer service.Microsoft updates the web interface that should make you feel OneDrive users keyboard and mouse at home. Add facilitate a simple right-click menu for common actions on file, such as editing, download, perform actions, copy or move and delete are trying to access was Reuben Krippner, director of product management for Microsoft OneDrive in one blog post.

The Advanced menu contains additional features such as version history file shares. Move or copy also added to the list of commands, so that the process of moving files to easy OneDrive Krippner he added.From OneDrive update the user interface (UI) is not Microsoft’s first attempt to blur the line between the cloud and PC software. While a number of changes, Microsoft stack functions on the applications of Office Online, free browser-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, which will help the transition between versions for PC and the cloud of lightness Productivity software offerings. Last month, the company offers new options for storing that allows users to try their memory as if the hard drives of their machines, OneDrive.

Microsoft makes a very mobile approach inspired by the recent files list, however. Instead of a list of file names, users can use a card design, latest files that contain a preview files as well as some context about where the files are stored, could offer the presented files, edited files shared with you or files on the principles of operation, Krippner said. The visual similarities with the application itself Diving office of the company are intended unveiled.

Delve is a search and sharing application that displays 365 Office files and communication cards and offers users a personalized service and up-to-the-minute view of content and activities according to their roles and relationships within a relevant organization. This user guide is in agreement with these files in Delve show, where you can search and find files that are relevant or that may be important to you, Krippner said. You can even just Dip latter files page.

The OneDrive Web client wins more intelligent search capabilities. Simply start by entering the search term and OneDrive files and folders that match your criteria, whether they are your files or files that have been shared with you by others show Krippner.Another said minor tweak the Share Folder helps reduce the time to set up for users to collaborative project folder, courtesy of a new option to invite people. How to create a folder on OneDrive for businesses now have the ability to invite people to this folder as it is and not sit and invited people according to the created folder is created.

AT&T, Microsoft Offer Mobile Office Collaboration


AT & T and Microsoft to jointly create the forces of AT & T Mobile Office feet have teamed up to develop the AT & T Mobile Office Suite, a suite of software, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) teams more productive even when working out create the office of waiting. Announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona event, the Mobile Office Suite enables communication via voice, video and web, in virtually any mobile device.

Now available in the US AT & T Mobile Office Suite is a solution based on cloud, mobile collaboration software with Microsoft and AT & T brings a subscription. The small business customers who need constant access to phone calls, e-mail, calendar, messaging, HD video conferencing and file sharing, among other functions for service.

Good On The Go

Gary K. Carpenter, a beta customer Suite Software and Asset Management Direktor Haddonfield, Gefunden the solution AT & T / Microsoft was particularly convenient for Financial Equipment globalen, giving Bürgermeister flexibility to meet customer einem your company from any part.With a phone number assigned globally, Carpenter said, we can receive and make calls regardless of their desk phones and mobile devices in the US Reply einer allows client requests in real time, giving us an edge in a competitive financial Sektor.

Some key elements of the suite include:

 Microsoft Office 365, which includes access to productivity tools such as Lync, Exchange, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneDrive from a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
 Voice connection, which includes expanded click-to-call function for Lync Online that enables small-business users to make and receive any type of domestic or international voice call while in the United States.
 A wireless plan compatible with the AT&T wireless rate plan.
Technical support including transition planning and on-boarding, data migration and deployment services, as well as ongoing 24/7 technical support.

Office 365 Revisited?

When we got wireless Advice on Michael Finneran, director of the company DBRN Associates, said that while the new software package may be appropriate for smaller companies that have made the leap into the communication in the cloud based, it probably is is not for companies that already required on a software system based on subscriptions held.

(No) much to say, Finneran said.It seems they are only reselling 365.The office suite is announced in new or existing models of AT & T Windows Phone, including the Lumia 640 XL this week and the Lumia 830, and AT & T devices that those on iOS or Android operating systems.AT & T and Microsoft say the suite can be used in an environment means to be in the high-speed business that companies and their employees must be able to work effectively at all times,both on the road and in the office is essential.

Microsoft Obsesses Over Giant Displays And Super Thin Tablets in Future Vision Video


Microsoft again with a new vision for the future. It has changed, if you followed the previous videos future software maker then not much. Microsoft still obsessed with big screens and infatuation with what the company called productivity vision more clearly. Between five and 10 years in the future, are holograms Microsoft’s vision, 3D printer, super thin tablet and flexible displays.

While everyone is busy blinking and swiping content from one device to another to do work in the future, it is good to see that there are still some keyboards out there. Microsoft shows off one tablet concept that is shaped like a book, with a stylus. The tablet has a flexible display that folds into a larger device. If this pill is there in the next 10 years, then I want to pre order a moment.

There is also a wrist-worn device that apparently normal bracelets is formed by a spell (Magnets) by the combination of two. It is once again in what appears to be a remote control that prevents to interact with a giant screen. This particular display looks like huge 55-inch tablets strange Fox News used daily. Other ads in the video versions are mounted on the wall of a living room, schools, offices and even projections on glass. It is similar to the previous video in 2011, everything was very futuristic concept.

What really stands out is the lack of headphones. Microsoft painted the future of Windows with HoloLens recently Headphones projection holograms on the user’s point of view. While several holograms appear in the latest video Microsoft vision, it is unclear how the project and how will the future hold for interacting with them responsible. This is a remarkable lack of association with Microsoft, especially since we will likely depend on earphones for a number of years to holographic electric windows.

Microsoft Offers Trade-in Deal For Surface Pro 3


Surfaces tablet owners looking to upgrade to a Pro 3 surface can take advantage of a temporary trade-in offer by Microsoft.Valid until March 8, the agreement up to $ 650 in credit for trade in their existing surfaces tablet. Then you can apply for a loan for the purchase of a surface per 3. The promotion is only valid for online Microsoft Web site, and only in the US and Puerto Rico.

Microsoft has been promoting the surfaces Pro 3 as an alternative to a traditional notebook, such as Apple MacBook Air. This edition offers a high-end 12-inch screen and runs on an Intel Core processor. All tablet surface models are standard, but may for example laptops through the touch software giant lid or cover art keyboards.The has worked to be used to collect sales area by discounts and special offers.

An agreement shaving $ 100 the price of a 3 per surfaces should end on February 7, but has extended until 28 February to address this problem recently added 64GB Intel Core i3, which had previously been excluded from the discount. And on April 5, you can get a free protective case for your area.

Microsoft is launching as high as $ 650 trade in existing areas number about. But how you get really depends on the model and condition. The $ 650 is yours only if surfaces i3 Pro 3 with the power supply and the type of keyboard works in about 256 GB. This option may be useful if you are looking to upgrade to more powerful i7 512 GB Edition.

The less expensive models are inherently worth less than part payment. Trade with 64 GB Surface Pro 2, for example, and you will receive a loan of $ 189 Trade with an area of 32 GB 2 and receive $ 105. Or is it an original area of 128 GB, and you grab $ 207.Taking into account the $ 100 discount, here are the current prices on the surface for 3-up:

Intel Core i3, 64 GB — $699
Intel Core i5, 128 GB — $899
Intel Core i5, 256 GB — $1,199
Intel Core i7, 256 GB — $1,449
Intel Core i7, 512 GB — $1,849

Microsoft Offers Preview of Windows 10 For Phones

Microsoft is providing for the first public preview of Windows 10 Mobile, a version of Windows 10 OS, ultimately designed to run on ARM-based phones Windows and Intel ARM-based tablets running small tester. Bits preview for certain Windows phones to download from those who have signed up for insider testers Windows are available.


The launch of Windows 10 Mobile Show followed by a little more than a week of release users. The first preview is for installation only in certain Windows Phone, specifically the Lumia 630, 635, 636, 638, 730 and 830 devices, according to Microsoft officials devices.

Microsoft officials promised, in late January, the company would deliver 10 mobile preview in February, but does not provide a precise date Windows. These officers showed a look at some of the features included with Windows 10 on the cell phone, which 10 events in Redmond, Wash., Jan. 21 would be the first public showing in for Microsoft Windows.

Spartan Comes Later

Authorities said they do not expect that the new lower weight, the browser Microsoft, whose name 10 to be mobile in Spartan code, a part of the first public preview of Windows, even though they were short of those who attended the event January 21. Microsoft plans to add Spartan, which will be the default browser for Windows 10 desktop and mobile to bits preview sometime in the coming months.

Microsoft executives said he expects the company improved on the mobile version of Windows 10 Cortana functionality as well as updated and free to create multiple versions of its mobile applications such as Outlook, calendar, photos and maps. (Perspectives for Windows Phone updated as new Outlook applications for iOS and Android, which look to now done little more than e-mail clients for these platforms.)

There are new Office applications tap first to Windows Mobile Smartphones with Windows 10, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as an updated version of OneNote. Such requests will be Windows Mobile version of Windows are grouped 10 free with Windows phones and small tablets, and for the other versions of Windows 10 download is available, Microsoft officials have said.Skype/SMS will be integrated directly into Windows 10 mobile (and desktop) as well, Microsoft officials have said.Features that are included in today’s first preview, according to a Microsoft blog post:

Full-size background image for start
More quick actions in action center
Interactive notifications
Significantly enhanced speech-to-text capability
More powerful Photos app

Microsoft officials have not said when to expect the launch of Windows 10 mobile.I’ve heard from my sources that Microsoft is targeting fall (October or so) to launch Windows 10, but I don’t know whether that means all Windows 10 SKUs or not. For those wondering, Microsoft also is planning to deliver an updated version of Windows 10 for desktop/laptop/tablet devices in February, but officials haven’t provided a date.

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